Like Father, Like Son

Jim L. Mora may ultimately face the fate that his father, Jim E. Mora suffered in Indianapolis. His job security is now tied with his willingness to fire one of his coordinators.

As you may recall, Jim E. Mora (the dad) was asked to fire his defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio. Mora refused and thus the Colts dismissed him, to later bring in Tony Dungy.

Which if not both of the Falcons assistants that will be pegged by Blank as a “must go” I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that sort of ultimatum will come at the end of this year.

Well, that may be only if the Falcons win next week against the Eagles. 7-9 finish will be hard to swallow for Blank, who basically stipulated a repeat of the 8-8 season of a year ago wasn’t going to cut it, so an even worse finish will likely be the proverbial last straw.

It could be Greg Knapp. I don’t blame Knapp entirely for the Falcons offensive struggles, but 3 Bottom 5 finishes in passing offense in 3 years has to be a very negative indicator for him.

Ranking-wise, the defense led by Ed Donatell has been better, but considering the wealth of talent the Falcons have lined up on that side of the ball, ranking 22nd in total defense the past two years is not good enough.

I’d be more willing to bet that Blank will want both their heads. Because Donatell and Knapp have basically worked in tandem to make this a underachieving one-dimensional team. Is it exclusively or mainly their faults? No, but as they say: heads must roll in times like these.

So we shall see what Mora does. Will he stand his ground, and do the noble thing and stand by his guys? Or will he throw them under the bus and try to save his own skin. I really wouldn’t judge Mora harshly for either route he chooses.

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