Locked on Falcons Podcast: Austin Hooper Rant With Q&A

Locked on Falcons

Aaron answers more listener questions before going into a rant about the over-criticism of #Falcons TE Austin Hooper. Today’s questions deal with the current status of backup TE Josh Perkins and the vanilla Falcons defense.

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Aaron Freeman
Founder of FalcFans.com

2 Comments on "Locked on Falcons Podcast: Austin Hooper Rant With Q&A"

  1. Joshua Jackson | December 14, 2017 at 8:56 am |

    Mr Freeman,

    I have been listening to every episode of your podcast this year as, being a big Falcons fan, I try to consume whatever content I can concerning my favorite team. Your podcast has a very unique quality about it which is difficult to articulate but after having listened to this latest episode, I feel compelled to at least try to explain my feelings.

    Though not true, obviously, when I listen to your show, I get the impression that not only do you dislike that Atlanta Falcons as a team you don’t think much of your audience either. Your style of analysis and commentary is very, very cynical and abrasive. You spend a lot of your show dismissing and sometimes even attacking the opinion of your audience. It pains me to feel this way as I do consider myself a fan of the show but more and more, I find myself listening to your podcast and cringing. This latest rant repeatedly attacking your audience’s lack of emotional control and perspective is ridiculous and irrelevant to football. You make some very valid points throughout but it is just completely unnecessary. I don’t want to listen to a podcast that makes me feel defensive.

    In conclusion, I do not have a solution if the situation even warrants one, but these feelings have been bubbling for a bit. Maybe more optimism and analysis and less naked cynicism? I don’t know but I do know that I finish your podcast in a lesser mood than when I start, not always but enough to pigeonhole your show into the bottom tier of my podcast rotation. Sorry for the negativity. I appreciate the hard work you do.

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