Locked on Falcons Podcast: Calvin Ridley Scouting Report

Locked on Falcons

Aaron provides a detailed scouting report of new Falcons WR Calvin Ridley. First he discusses the importance of honest player evaluation versus hype before discussing several of Ridley’s strengths (route-running, speed, competitiveness, etc.) versus his weaknesses (play strength, beating press, etc.) to come to a conclusion about exactly how high his ceiling is in the NFL.

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Aaron Freeman
Founder of FalcFans.com

2 Comments on "Locked on Falcons Podcast: Calvin Ridley Scouting Report"

  1. Have you forgotten when he stiff armed those(2 or3) safeties/CB for a big pickup. Love the show!

  2. ps… I was speaking of Austin Hooper.

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