Locked on Falcons Podcast: Crossover Week 13 Preview With Sam Ekstrom

Locked on Falcons

I am joined by Locked on Vikings host Sam Ekstrom to preview the upcoming matchup with the Falcons in Week 13. We discuss the Vikings receiver duo, improved offensive line, cornerback matchups and pass rush as well as the Falcons usage of Julio Jones, running backs and De’Vondre Campbell’s growth. We also discuss each team’s current position in the NFC playoff race.

Sam is on twitter: @SamEkstrom. He contributes to Zone Coverage and is the host of Locked on Vikings Podcast.

If you want to subscribe directly to the podcast feed on your favorite platform, use the following link: http://feeds.megaphone.fm/PPY6543342432

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Aaron Freeman
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  1. Love the podcast, go Falcons! Got a suggestion: put some of the ads halfway through the podcast and at the end. Jusat a thought, I know the corporation dictates some of those decisions. Keep up the quality podcast Aaron!

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