Locked on Falcons Podcast: Offseason Talk With Everett Glaze

Locked on Falcons

Aaron is joined by former Blogging Dirty contributor Everett Glaze to look at the positive direction of the #Falcons and how that might temper their offseason plans. They discuss whether the team’s offense and defense can both grow to help the Falcons get to that next level of a possible Super Bowl, Dan Quinn’s Seahawk influence, needs of replacing Jalen Collins and upgrading the pass rush, the unlikelihood of making a “splash” signing and expectations entering the draft.

Everett is on twitter: @Ev_G_SportsFan.

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  1. Look at all the shoot outs we get in. Saints and a 40 point 4th quarter. He’s drafting guys in the 5th round that’s making the probowl. Its about getting stops on third down getting turnovers and maximizing every opportunity for the offense. I don’t believe he’s reaching for something that’s not there. But would u give takk back or Jones. I believe we have a couple more gears plus mvp don’t hurt

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