Locked on Falcons Podcast: Reacting to Ridley Pick

Locked on Falcons

Aaron provides his rapid reaction to the #Falcons selection of Alabama WR Calvin Ridley in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. He discusses how the team continues to throw curveballs in the first round and his conflicted view of the pick. He discusses Ridley’s strengths as far as route-running and being an eventual upgrade over Mohamed Sanu and Justin Hardy. He also estimates Ridley’s first-year workload, assesses the value of drafting skill-position players, and discusses what this selection suggests about possible changes to the Steve Sarkisian offense.

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Aaron Freeman
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  1. The assumption is that Julio will receive the same workload. I think they decrease his snap count to keep him fresh and avoid injury. I expect Ridley to have an impact similar to what Julio had, slightly less, in 2011. Julio came in as the 3rd option behind Roddy and Tony G. but was immediately superior to all below him. And he had speed that Roddy (close though) and Tony didn’t have. For Ridley, it’s sort of similar. As you said Sanu and Hardy just don’t have the speed, not to mention the route running ability to justify getting more snaps than him. And we saw what happens when Julio is limited or hurt, there’s no other proven threat to step in to consistently get separation or go deep. Hall had 1 touchdown but I don’t think they trust the butt fumble victim.

  2. Butt pick victim I mean

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