Locked On Falcons Podcast: Reaction to Round 1 Picks of Lindstrom & McGary

Locked on Falcons

Aaron breaks down the Atlanta Falcons 2019 first-round selections of Boston College OG Chris Lindstrom and Washington OT Kaleb McGary. He discusses whether or not both players were reaches where the Falcons took them, what roles they can be expected to fill in 2019, if they’re gonna push certain veteran linemen out the door and why the team chose to invest in protecting Matt Ryan.

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Aaron Freeman
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2 Comments on "Locked On Falcons Podcast: Reaction to Round 1 Picks of Lindstrom & McGary"

  1. Rodrell Green | April 26, 2019 at 2:17 pm | Reply

    Great podcast.

  2. Right on Pudge. I agree with your assessment 100%. Lindstrom and Mcgary aren’t sexy picks but it needed to be done. Signing Carpenter and Brown was like putting a band aid on a bullet wound. The amazing thing about Ryan is he is putting up these stats with a below average line. Add the draft picks with better depth in Brown and Carpenter Ryan and the offense is setup to put up big numbers. I also hope the red zone becomes easier to score. Defense will have to make do with the injured players coming back and Quinn taking over the calls has to be improved.

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