Locked on Falcons Podcast: Recapping Super Bowl 51 With Dave Choate and Chris Simoneau

Locked on Falcons

Allen and I are joined by The Falcoholic’s Dave Choate and Locked on Patriots host Chris Simoneau to recap the highs and lows of Super Bowl 51 for both the Falcons and Patriots. Dave is on the show first, discussing the offensive line, almost signing Chris Long, Kyle Shanahan’s play-calling, the defense and the emergence of Grady Jarrett before giving way to Chris (28:55). With Chris, we discuss his empathy to Falcons fans for the loss, play-calling from the Patriots perspective, standouts like Trey Flowers and James White, resiliency of Tom Brady and his ability to elevate teammates, sustaining drives by New England, their free agency plans, Darrelle Revis, and where this win ranks among the Pats previous ones.

Dave is the “Rick Ross” at The Falcoholic and can be found on twitter: @TheFalcoholic.

Chris is host of Locked on Patriots Podcast, writes for Scout.com and is on twitter: @chris_simoneau.

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  1. Nice to hear good (kind) words from Chris, that 1) he was as shocked as we all were, 2) the Falcons are super-talented and will be a force, and 3) we may face the Pats again next year, Week 1, so that’s something to look forward too. Good decision to have him on.

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