Locked on Falcons Podcast: Week 16 Preview vs. Saints With Greg Gibson

Locked on Falcons

Aaron is joined by Saints Revolution’s Greg Gibson Jr. to preview the #Falcons vs. #Saints matchup in Week 16. They discuss the return of Alvin Kamara and how each team’s running backs will impact the game, how big a factor Mike Thomas and Julio Jones will have, the play of the quarterbacks and the reinvigoration of the Saints-Falcons rivalry. Greg is on twitter: @srevolution.

Greg is the founder of Saints Revolution is also on twitter: @srevolution. You can follow his non-Saints twitter handle: @GregoryGibsonJr.

If you want to subscribe directly to the podcast feed on your favorite platform, use the following link: http://feeds.megaphone.fm/PPY6543342432

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