Mike Smith it is!

I’m sure you’ve been patiently waiting for my assessment of the Mike Smith hire, well here it is…

I’m fine with it. I’m not blown away, nor will I be crying myself to sleep tonight. It’s a really even keel move if you ask me.

I see this guy as a John Fox clone. From everything I’ve read and seen about him, he seems very “Fox-esque.” And it’s interesting to note that before the season ended, people speculated that the Falcons would jump all over Fox if the Panthers had fired him (some suggesting the reason he wasn’t let go for that very reason).

John F-err, Mike Smith comes off as a very conservative coach. Which I’m sure is going to absolutely thrill Falcon fans (that’s sarcasm). If the Falcons acquire the personnel that fits that scheme, I’m sure he’ll do well. If not, then three years from now we’ll be looking for someone else. So all those people that are praying the Falcons draft Darren McFadden with their No. 1 pick this year, with this hire we seem to be one step closer to that.

I’m sure most are aware of Marcellus Wiley’s comments on ESPN on Wednesday. Not reading too much into them. That’s one person’s assessment of Smith. From everything else I’ve read from the mouths of players, that viewpoint seems to be in the minority.

Reports say that he might bring in Mike Mularkey as the offensive coordinator. I guess that’ll end Alge Crumpler’s tenure in Atlanta. Or maybe Smith will hire his brother-in-law Brian Billick. So perhaps Steve McNair will be our opening day starter in 2008. The speculation could be endless now.

It’s definitely going to be a process, and I’ll take a wait and see approach.

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