Moneyball 2011 – Week 15 Review

A pretty outstanding performance in this game for the Falcons. The Jaguars basically failed to show up for this one, and the Falcons took full advantage of their no-show.

Matt Ryan had little issue moving the ball through the air, with Roddy White having an outstanding game. Julio Jones also made some really nice plays and catches, but this really was all about Roddy. Tony Gonzalez had a very quiet game. MIchael Turner was solid on the ground, as were Jason Snelling and Jacquizz Rodgers in spots. The Falcons offensive line had their struggles trying to get push against the Jaguars front, but they were able to get the job done.

The best performance up front was probably by Clabo, as well as McClure and Blalock having solid games. Hawley had his good moments as well as his bad ones. He gave up a hit that should have been a sack had Ryan not quickly checked it down to Turner. But he continues to show that he’s filled in ably for Harvey Dahl as the team’s dirtiest blocker. He was able to draw a personal foul penalty on Nate Collins by virtue of getting away with horse-collaring Collins down the field away from the ball. Then when Collins retaliated after the whistle, that drew the flag, giving the Falcons a first down instead of punting. The next play, Ryan hit White on an easy 29-yard touchdown pass to put the Falcons lead to 41-0. Jeremy Mincey gave Will Svitek and the others fits throughout the night. Honestly watching this game, I would have to say that Jacksonville’s front seven is really potentially good. The Falcons missed 12 blocks because they got overwhelmed at the point of attack. But their secondary was really bad in this one, but thats understandable when you’re starting third string corners.

Roddy White$0$0$13$0$0$0$13.00
Matt Ryan$13$0$0$0$0-$1$12.00
Michael Turner$0$10$0$0$0$0$10.00
Julio Jones$0$1$6-$1$0$0$6.00
Jacquizz Rodgers$0$4$0$0$0$0$4.00
Jason Snelling$0$3$0$0$0$0$3.00
Todd McClure$0$0$0$2.5$0$0$2.50
Tyson Clabo$0$0$0$1.5$0$0$1.50
Mike Cox$0$0$0$1$0$0$1.00
Harry Douglas$0$0$1$0$0$0$1.00
Chris Redman$1$0$0$0$0$0$1.00
Justin Blalock$0$0$0$0$0$0$0.00
Reggie Kelly$0$0$0$0$0-$1-$1.00
Tony Gonzalez$0$0$0-$1$0$0-$1.00
Eric Weems$0$0$0-$1$0$0-$1.00
Joe Hawley$0$0$0-$1$0-$1-$2.00
Will Svitek$0$0$0-$2$0$0-$2.00

Defensively the Falcons were really good. John Abraham had an excellent game, thanks in part to the horrific pocket presence of Blaine Gabbert who gifted him a couple of sacks and fumbles. But the Falcons were able to overwhelm whoever lined up at right tackle for the Jaguars throughout the night, as most of their pressure from the likes of Abraham, Sidbury, and Biermann came from that side of the line. Corey Peters and Babineaux both had solid games in the middle. Edwards was underwhelming in this game and continues to show an utter lack of discipline with the amount of penalties he generates. He’s surpassed Roddy White as the team’s most undisciplined player. His offsides penalty wiped out a sack and pressure by Peters and Abraham, respectively.

The linebackers really didn’t have to do a whole lot this game and thus there were really no standout performances, just solid. Maurice Jones-Drew is a heck of a running back and was able to create a lot of opportunities on the ground despite the Jaguars not being able to move the ball at all via the air. The secondary, like the linebackers really had the night off. The Jaguars wide receivers could not separate. Franks had a nice game, but missed a couple of tackles in the fourth quarter on MJD and Marcedes Lewis (neither are easy tasks) that lowered his earnings. Darrin Walls was beat for the final touchdown, after dropping what should have been a pick six.  Not all that impressive an NFL debut for him on defense. DeCoud and Moore were solid, and Robinson was untested all game. Overall, you love seeing a dominant defensive performance against an obviously inferior opponent.

Special teams was a little iffy with the blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown. As was the case last year against the 49ers, Bosher gets the blame in Moneyball, but it really was a missed block by Shann Schillinger that was at fault. But besides that play, Bosher had a really solid night. The team also almost had a blocked PAT that luckily snuck over the crossbar. They gave up some yardage on kickoff returns. Weems had a nice game as a returner, and the muffed punt by Dillard was a huge play. But you want to see a few less mental errors in that phase of the game.

John Abraham$5$0$0$5.00
Corey Peters$3$0$0$3.00
Matt Bosher$0$3$0$3.00
Jonathan Babineaux$2.5$0$0$2.50
William Moore$2.5$0$0$2.50
Lawrence Sidbury$2$0$0$2.00
Sean Weatherspoon$2$0$0$2.00
Matt Bryant$0$2$0$2.00
Thomas DeCoud$1.5$0$0$1.50
Peria Jerry$1$0$0$1.00
Curtis Lofton$1$0$0$1.00
Chris Owens$1$0$0$1.00
Akeem Dent$0$1$0$1.00
Vance Walker$0.5$0$0$0.50
Dominique Franks$0$0$0$0.00
Dunta Robinson$0$0$0$0.00
Kroy Biermann-$0.5$0$0-$0.50
Stephen Nicholas-$0.5$0$0-$0.50
Ray Edwards$0$0-$1-$1.00
Mike Peterson-$1$0$0-$1.00
Darrin Walls-$2$0$0-$2.00

Advanced Stats from Week 15:

Poor Throws (4): Ryan (3), Redman (1)
Drops (1): Gonzalez
Key Blocks (5): Cox (2), Clabo (1), Hawley (1), McClure (1)
Sacks Allowed (1): Svitek
Missed Blocks (12): Hawley (3), Blalock (2), Clabo (1.5), Cox (1), Gonzalez (1), Jones (1), Svitek (1), Weems (1), McClure (0.5)
QB Pressures Allowed (1): Hawley (0.5), Svitek (0.5)

Tackles For Loss: (4): Lofton (1), Moore (1), Weatherspoon (1), Babineaux (0.5), Walker (0.5)
QB Sacks (5): Abraham (3.5), Biermann (1), Edwards (0.5)
QB Pressures (5): Sidbury (2), Babineaux (1), Jerry (1), Abraham (0.5), Edwards (0.5)
QB Hit (1): Babineaux
Passes Defended (4): Franks, Moore, Owens, Walls
Blown Coverages (3): Owens, Peterson, Walls
Missed Tackles (5): Franks (2), Biermann (1), Nicholas (1), Walls (1)
Key Blocked (4): Abraham (1), Edwards (1), Lofton (1), Biermann (0.5), DeCoud (0.5)

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