Next stop…Detroit!

Well, for those that didn’t hate me before, they probably will now. It’s official, mark your calendars. When the Super Bowl is aired on February 5, 2006, this guy right here is going to be in attendance.

It is quite an event. My very first Super Bowl. How did I get tickets you might ask? Well my father in his eternal benevolence purchased them for me and my older brother to attend the game with him. This will be his third Super Bowl, but I believe it will be the one that he may eventually come to remember as his favorite because he is a Pittsburgh Steeler fan and this will be his first opportunity to see the team that he has loved for the past 30 years when a world championship in person.

Although I rooted against the Steelers in the AFC Championship (mostly out of spite), I’m going to have to turn the tables and don the black and gold for this jaunt in Detroit. The truth is that I really never disliked the Steelers, and they used to be the only team outside the Falcons that I actively rooted for. I’m just not a fan of Bill Cowher, and think he is slightly overrated as a coach. My dislike of Cowher probably hit its head in 2001 when they lost for the first time to the Patriots, and ever since I’ve sort of been an anti-Cowher guy. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good coach, but I truly question his ability to win the big game, and I lump him into the other “good but not great” coaches like Schottenheimer and Reeves. And I can’t root for the Seahawks, because I have no love for that team. The Falcons loss to the Seahawks this past season left an extremely bitter taste in my mouth, until that Packers loss left something even more bitter. But old wounds heal slowly, and frankly speaking, besides the Bucs, Rams, and Cowboys there probably isn’t another team higher on my sh*t list than Seattle.

But enough about my feelings on the Steelers, let’s get back to the game. I don’t know really what to say. I know I’m blessed with an opportunity to do something that only a few individuals can say they have. Well, not a few because we’re probably talking about hundreds of thousands if not millions of people that are currently living and have gone to a Super Bowl, but as a percentage it’s probably less than 1% of America.

As to what exactly I plan to do in Detroit, I’m not sure. My dad is setting up some itenerary of sorts, but I’m not sure I’m going to be following it to the T. We’ll see. I plan on doing three things: 1) watching the game 2) drinking and 3) having fun. Whatever comes between those things, will just have to come.

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