NFL challenges Vick ruling

The AP reports that the National Football League is asking a federal court to vacate the ruling of U.S. District Court Judge David Doty’s ruling in regards to the Falcons attempts to recoup bonus money paid to jailed and currently suspended quarterback Michael Vick. The league also seeks to end Doty’s jurisdiction in the league’s labor matters.

Doty reversed a previous ruling by NFL special master Stephen Burbank that indicated the Falcons could recoup $19.97 million in bonus money from Vick. Doty’s ruling indicated that more than $16 million of that figure was not eligible for the team to regain. Doty first presided over the 1992 antitrust suit, which granted him jurisdiction in these labor matters over than a decade. The league indicated that Doty’s comments from earlier this month about the ruling indicates that he is biased towards them. The league released a statement:

“Michael Vick breached his contract and cannot play because he was convicted of a felony and is sitting in jail. Despite those facts, the judge held that Vick is entitled to keep nearly $20 million in bonus money paid to him for playing football through the 2014 season. No other industry has its labor relations supervised by a federal judge in the way we do, and at this point, after 15 years of labor peace, it is hard to understand why such oversight is necessary or (why it is) an appropriate use of judicial resources.”

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