Owens allegedly trashes ex’s apartment

TMZ reports that the ex-girlfriend of Falcons corner Christopher Owens alleges that the player smashed up her apartment. Owens is the father of LaTia Terry’s 9-month old son. According to a Gwinnett County police report, Terry left her home late Sunday night and did not return until the next morning. She had locked the door when she left and returned to a locked apartment, as there were no signs of forced entry.

According to the police report, there were holes in the dry wall and on the flat screen television. Pictures were found on the floor with holes in them, as well as broken items in the baby’s room (crib and lamp) and master bedroom (mirror). Inside the master closet, jewelry, shoes, clothes, and purses worth an estimated $15,000 were found in a pile with bleach poured over them.

Terry filed a temporary protective order against Owens on Monday. The police have yet to officially name Owens as a suspect in the case according to the AJC, although a police spokesman indicated that charges could be filed and an arrest could be made in the future once more information is known.

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