Pudge’s Power Rankings – Week 13

As I’m sure a few of you noticed, I didn’t have power rankings up for last week. Mainly because it was a short week and the holidays kept me from the update, but I think it was sort of a blessing in disguise. Mostly due to the ineptitude of the Falcons season, I’ve really gotten bored with doing the power rankings. Not to mention my predictions have really soured since Week 5 or so. So I’m not going to do one this week either. But if there are those of you out there that actually enjoyed looking at them, take the time to comment here, or drop me a line at: pudge@falcfans.com. If there is enough souls out there that like the power rankings, I’ll try and bring it back for Week 14.

As for the only prediction that matters this week, I expect the Falcons losing streak to go to 5 with a loss versus the Redskins.

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