Ranking the NFL: Quarterbacks

Okay, you often see the so-called experts on the big football sites have their rankings of the entire league by position. Well, since it’s June and there’s nothing better to do, I’ll try my hand at this as well.

At the end it should be a good measure of which teams are the best. Although I should say that this will really only be a ranking of talent, and not really a prediction of how well each of these teams will perform this year. There’s always a team that despite having only average talent, manages to outperform that for a variety of reasons. ANd there is always at least one team that is very talented that vastly underachieves those performances.

Each position will be weighted a certain amount of points, at the end the maximum being 500 (although I already know no team will reach that figure). For example, being strong at quarterback will earn you more points than being strong at tight end, based off my zany belief that have a great QB is going to win you more games than having a great TE. At the end, based on these rankings we should be able to say that this team has the most talent or whatever.

And while I welcome your critiques and comments, just remember this is a experiment to curb boredom over the next few weeks, so don’t take it too seriously.

Okay, enough talk, let’s get down to the quarterbacks. The maximum points earned is 60 points for this position. I put a letter grade also to make it easier to understand how much the point values correspond to.

1 Colts 54 A
2 Patriots 52 A-
3 Cowboys 45 B+
4 Steelers 44 B+
5 Saints 41 B
6 Jaguars 40 B
7 Bengals 38 B
8 Giants 37 B-
9 Eagles 36 B-
10 Chargers 35 B-
11 Buccaneers 34 B-
12 Texans 33 B-
13 Broncos 32 C+
14 Panthers 31 C+
15 Seahawks 31 C+
16 Titans 29 C+
17 Browns 28 C+
18 Rams 28 C+
19 Lions 26 C
20 Redskins 26 C
21 Vikings 25 C
22 Cardinals 24 C
23 Bills 22 C-
24 Packers 21 C-
25 Jets 21 C-
26 Bears 18 C-
27 49ers 16 D+
28 Chiefs 15 D+
29 Ravens 14 D+
30 Dolphins 13 D+
31 Raiders 11 D
32 Falcons 10 D

Why are the Falcons last? Frankly, I think it’s a toss-up between Chris Redman, JaMarcus Russell, Josh McCown, and Brodie Croyle will be the league’s worst starter this season. And of course I’ll agree Redman has upside, don’t count me as one of those people that believe he’ll reach it. Not to factor in that unlike the Raiders, Dolphins, and Chiefs, their backup situation is a bit better than ours. WE have Ryan, but he’s not going to do much this year, at least not in my opinion. Those three other teams at least have No. 2s with some experience.

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