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Ranking the NFL: Running Backs

Okay, now that the rankings for the quarterbacks have sunk in, it’s time to move on to the running backs. Depth is a bit more important at this position than it is at the quarterback position, since we’re seemingly now in an era of football where most teams can’t go through a season without being 2-deep at this position. This also factors in a team’s fullback as well. The maximum points for this position is 48.

1 Jaguars 39 A-
2 Vikings 36 B+
3 Steelers 32 B
4 Chargers 31 B
5 49ers 31 B
6 Ravens 30 B
7 Redskins 30 B
8 Eagles 27 B-
9 Cowboys 27 B-
10 Giants 27 B-
11 Bengals 27 B-
12 Colts 26 B-
13 Rams 24 C+
14 Chiefs 24 C+
15 Jets 24 C+
16 Titans 24 C+
17 Buccaneers 24 C+
18 Falcons 24 C+
19 Bills 23 C+
20 Raiders 23 C+
21 Saints 23 C+
22 Panthers 22 C+
23 Dolphins 21 C
24 Browns 21 C
25 Patriots 20 C
26 Packers 20 C
27 Bears 19 C
28 Cardinals 18 C
29 Seahawks 18 C
30 Texans 16 C-
31 Broncos 14 C-
32 Lions 12 D+

Why are the Falcons so average? You might be wondering. Simply because Michael Turner is a far less proven feature back than most of the other teams ranked ahead of the Falcons have, and Jerious Norwood while an excellent complementary runner is not a guy that can handle a bulk of carries. A while both players have enormous potential to catapult this position into one of the better units in the league, it simply remains to be seen if this coaching staff will be able to take advantage of that potential.


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