Ranking the NFL: Tight Ends

I probably should have just lumped this in with receivers, but I wanted to sort of factor in the run blocking aspect of this position. And instead of strictly grading teams on how good a group of receivers they havee, I tried to factor in guys that can push the pile as well. Although I must say, it is still biased towards receivers, since I counted more in favor of a guy who is a top-tier pass catcher than a guy that is one of the better run blockers for this position group. Maximum points is 24.

1 Chargers 19 A-
2 Cowboys 17 B+
3 Giants 16 B
4 Titans 15 B
5 Browns 15 B
6 Steelers 15 B
7 Chiefs 15 B
8 Colts 15 B
9 Rams 14 B-
10 Texans 14 B-
11 Ravens 14 B-
12 Redskins 14 B-
13 Jaguars 13 B-
14 Bears 13 B-
15 Jets 13 B-
16 Broncos 13 B-
17 Buccaneers 13 B-
18 Saints 12 C+
19 Bengals 12 C+
20 Vikings 11 C+
21 Patriots 11 C+
22 Eagles 11 C+
23 49ers 11 C+
24 Cardinals 9 C
25 Dolphins 8 C
26 Lions 8 C
27 Seahawks 7 C-
28 Packers 7 C-
29 Bills 7 C-
30 Raiders 7 C-
31 Falcons 6 D+
32 Panthers 4 D

Why are the Falcons so low? While Hartsock, Milner, and whoever should fill in ably as far as the Falcons are concerned in the ground game, they still leave a lot to be desired as receivers. And at some point in the year, you are going to have use for a tight end that can open up the middle of the field in the passing game. And that’s something the Falcons clearly lack, unless either of those players can come out of their shell and blossom.

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