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For those interested, Vick currently ranks 16th among active quarterbacks in terms of regular season record a starter. That takes into account only players that have started at least 16 regular season games. And Vick’s postseason record is better than 5 of those games.

And all 10 of the other quarterbacks that surpass Vick have taken a team and led them to at least one Super Bowl appearance.

I’m not making a judgment, just letting the stats speak for themselves. But since this is a blog, an opinion has to come in somewhere. So here goes:

If someone were to approach me and say that Vick is the best QB in the league never to have played in a Super Bowl, I don’t think I could really disagree. I’m sure others would point to Marc Bulger, Chad Pennington, Carson Palmer, or Drew Brees. All have won at least 54% of their regular season games and at least 1 playoff game. Vick has a better postseason record than all 4 of those players, but both Bulger and Pennington have better regular season records.

I’m not making that claim right now, but if someone were to do so, it would be something worth arguing. Considering that Vick hasn’t had the talent around him at certain positions that those others have had. Not saying that Crumpler, Dunn, and others are chopped liver or that those others haven’t played behind bad offensive lines (all except Brees have). But just saying that if someone claimed that Vick has done more with less, it would be hard for me to argue against that.

Where Vick ranks among the entire 16, I’m not so sure. But there are those among that group : Philip Rivers, Jay Fiedler, Brad Johnson, and Kurt Warner that I personally would not rank ahead of Vick. And I’m sure there are others that would strongly dispute whether Rex Grossman, Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck, Bulger, and Pennington deserve to be ahead of Vick.

But it’s all relatively meaningless where I or others rank him. He can certainly silence all of his detractors by winning a Super Bowl. I myself will shut up if he simply loses a Super Bowl. But if or when he manages to join the elite club that only 26 quarterbacks belong to, he’ll be able to proclaim himself No. 1.

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  1. You may shut up if he plays in a SB but even if he were to win a SB it wouldn’t be enough for some people.

  2. I am ready for Vick to go somewhere else besides Atlanta. The man has no class, no leadership. Call Bartkowski maybe he has a few tosses left in him.

  3. Some fan you are.

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