Roddy’s Holdout talk…a bluff

I could be wrong, but based off the recent report from the AJC insinuating that there’s a possibility that Roddy White might hold out, I don’t think there’s much to it.

For the record, Roddy’s agent declined comment on whether Roddy was planning a holdout. Which by not saying that Roddy will be there, implies that there’s a possibility he won’t be there if a contract is not completed before Saturday.

My bet is that Roddy’s agent is using it as a tactic to put a bit more pressure on the Falcons brass to get a deal done sooner rather than later. But I don’t think Roddy will skip camp. He really has no leverage. If there’s no cap next year, he becomes a restricted free agent. If there is then the Falcons can tag him. It’s almost guaranteed that Roddy is going to be a Falcon in 2010. So the Falcons shouldn’t be in any rush to get a deal done today. Obviously, they’d probably like to get a deal done since the sooner you sign a guy, generally the cheaper he is since each off-season there are new blockbuster deals.

But Thomas D. should call Roddy’s bluff. We have Tony Gonzalez now. I’m not saying Roddy is expendable. But he’s not nearly as indispensable as he was a year ago.

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