Ryan is Week 1 starter?

The AJC has seemingly figured it out, and I guess I also see the writing on the wall. And all it took for the Falcons to figure out who was going to be their starting quarterback this year was one touchdown pass and one interception in their first preseason game.

Ryan also appears to be in line to start against Tennessee Aug. 22 at the Georgia Dome. That would leave D.J. Shockley to start the preseason finale at Baltimore Aug. 28.

Should Ryan start against the Titans, it could be an indication that the rookie will start the regular-season opener. The Falcons open against visiting Detroit on Sept. 7.

The third preseason game typically is when teams set most of their starting lineups and rotations and allow their starters to play together for at least a half.

If you haven’t heard the news, Joey Harrington is slated to start the team’s second preseason game, and home opener against the Indianapolis Colts this weekend.

Why the team chose Harrington? There could be a hundred reasons. At this current juncture, I like to think it’s Harrington’s last hurrah to prove he’s going to be the No. 3 over D.J. Shockley. If Harrington has another lackluster performance like he did against the Jaguars, then he might be done. Although, I don’t want to say it’s all on Harrington’s shoulders. Chris Redman and D.J. Shockley still have the opportunity to make the decision a little easier or harder.

Personally, I’m not happy on the notion that Ryan is the opening day starter. Not that I fear for the rookie and his ability to cope to the pressure of being a starting QB in the NFL. No, it’s just that if this decision has been made, it didn’t really take much to sway Mike Smith & Co. to make that decision.

It seemed that the game was fixed for Ryan, which many fans called from the beginning. And whether the move works out in the end isn’t my main concern, but as it was with the coaching search, the process by which it occurred is what bothers me.

I could be getting all worked up for nothing, and the starter hasn’t been determined yet. But we shall see.

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