Schottenheimer has not heard from Falcons’s Jim Trotter writes that Marty Schottenheimer has not yet heard from the Falcons about their potential interest in him as a head coach. A report from the San Diego Union-Tribune indicated that the Falcons have made overtures to seek Schottenheimer to replace Bobby Petrino as head coach, according to league sources. Trotter’s report would seemingly refute that initial report.

“I have not heard a word from anybody about anything relating to the Falcons.”

— Marty Schottenheimer

The Union-Tribune’s report also indicated that the Falcons are seeking Chargers assistant GM Buddy Nix to serve as their own GM. Trotter’s report again refutes that, indicating that Nix has not heard anything from the Falcons either.

Schottenheimer also indicated that he is unsure if he will return to football, citing the changes that have occurred in the game over the years since he began. Schottenheimer in 21 years of head coaching in the NFL has yet to win a championship, and implied that any return to the league would likely be for a team that was in a position to win one in the short-term.

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