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It’s still February, and I just wanted to make some predictions that I feel are at a time that is way too early, just to test my prognostication skills. It’ll be interesting to see how these end up a year from now. I’ll probably come back in July and make some more, and we’ll see how many of these predictions have proven true or false at that time as well…

  • The Falcons will not trade Matt Schaub. Just like the potential Drew Brees to Atlanta deal of 2004, any proposed deal between Atlanta and another team will fall apart due to a discrepancy on desired compensation.
  • However, if the Falcons do trade Schaub, it will be to the Detroit Lions. Martz wanted him badly in ’04, but McKay “stole” him from him, and he would be the ideal young QB to bring to Detroit to compete with Harrington and run that offense.
  • Bryan Scott will regain one of the starting safety positions this year. Yes, I agree he played horribly this past year. But I think it’s too early to close the book on Scott’s career, and I also believe that the Falcons won’t address the position as desired to prevent Scott from starting. I suspect we will draft a rookie, and add a veteran, but I do not see Rodney Harrison or anyone else of his caliber landing here. So Scott will have ample opportunity to win his job back.
  • McKay will surprise most of us in the first round. Last year, I had the team pegged to take a defensive lineman or defensive back in Round 1, but instead we took Roddy White. I have us pegged to target those same positions again in the opening round this year, but I think McKay is going have me doing a double take when Tags announces the pick. What sort of surprise? I have no clue of course, that’s why it will be a surprise.
  • T.J. Duckett will be a Falcon again in 2006. Not because of a lack of willingness to deal him on the Falcons part. But only because unlike No. 8, there isn’t a huge market out there for No. 45. Besides Pittsburgh and Carolina, there aren’t too many teams I see giving up a high pick for Duckett. The Steelers will be content with Parker and some unnamed power back, and the Falcons won’t deal with Carolina unless it involves Steve Smith or Julius Peppers, which we know ain’t gonna happen.
  • Among the Falcons free agents, none of the big names will be back. The Falcons will go after another player instead of Keion Carpenter. Brian Finneran will take more money and more playing time elsewhere. Todd Peterson will get a good contract offer elsewhere, not to mention new kicking guru Steve Hoffman likes the young guys. Kevin Shaffer will bolt because of money as well. And everyone’s favorite Dez White will sign with another team to only be cut at the end of training camp. Or returning free agent class will consist of Ronnie Heard, Fred McCary, Kevin McCadam, and Barry Stokes. Why them? Because nobody else is going to want them.
  • After having byes in either Week 8 or Week 9 the past three seasons, we won’t get so much love from the schedule this year. Expect something pretty early or late like a Week 4 or Week 11 bye which is going to make it even harder on the new strength crew to help this team last better over the course of an entire year.
  • Keith Brooking, DeAngelo Hall, Patrick Kerney, and Michael Vick will be the only Falcon Pro Bowlers in 2006. If I had to pick a fifth possible player it will be Ed Hartwell.
  • The Falcons defense is going to look totally different in 2006 and rank in the Top 10 overall. Mostly because players like Hartwell, Kerney, Hall, and a few others will have significantly better years this upcoming year than they did last year.
  • The Falcons will finish second in the NFC South in another tight race between teh Panthers and Bucs.
  • Even with Vince Young taking over the starting spot, the Falcons will continue their dominance of the Saints in 2006.

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