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2009 Falcons Predictions

September 10th, 2009 Comments off

Here are my Falcons-centric predictions:

1. vs. Dolphins - W
2. vs. Panthers - L
3. at Patriots - L
4. bye
5. at 49ers - W
6. vs. Bears - L
7. at Cowboys - L
8. at Saints - W
9. vs. Redskins - W
10. at Panthers - W
11. at Giants - L
12. vs. Bucs - W
13. vs. Eagles - L
14. vs. Saints - L
15. at Jets - W
16. vs. Bills - W
17. at Bucs - W

Stat Leaders:

Passing: Matt Ryan (3,533 yards)
Rushing: Michael Turner (1,317 yards)
Receiving: Roddy White (1,244 yards)
Scoring: Michael Turner (12 TDs)
Tackles: Curtis Lofton (118)
Sacks: John Abraham (11.0)
Interceptions: Erik Coleman (3)


Scoring Offense: 4th
Total Offense: 4th
Scoring Defense: 15th
Total Defense: 26th


QB Matt Ryan – He’ll be an alternate behind Brees, Cutler, and Rodgers, but will play in the game because Cutler will be a scratch.
RB Michael Turner – Along with Adrian Peterson, he’ll back up Forte in Honolulu.
WR Roddy White – Another Pro Bowl bid for Roddy along with Steve Smith, Fitz, and Greg Jennings.
TE Tony Gonzalez – He’ll get in ahead of Greg Olsen to back up Jason Witten in the game.


1. Peria Jerry – He will finish second on the team with 4.5 sacks and start 13 games.
2. William Moore – He’ll log at least 6 starts by year’s end and finish with 82 tackles and an interception.
3. Chris Owens – He’ll contribute in both the nickel and on special teams, have a single interception with about 20 tackles on defense.
4. Lawrence Sidbury – He’ll contribute off the bench as a pass rush specialist and log 2 sacks.
5a. William Middleton – He’ll make some early appearances on special teams for the Bucs, but will finish the year on their practice squad.
5b. Garrett Reynolds – He’ll be active for a handful of games, but won’t get much playing time.
6. Spencer Adkins – He’ll log a handful of tackles on special teams, but play sparingly on defense.
7. Vance Walker – He’ll get called up to the active roster for a few weeks in the second half of the season due to injuries and will have 4 tackles by year’s end.


1. The Falcons offensive line will give up 29 sacks this year. Four of them will be on backup QB Chris Redman.
2. Tony Gonzalez will catch 71 passes for 838 yards and 8 touchdowns.
3. Mike Peterson will finish second on the team with 88 tackles.
4. Jerious Norwood will see his workload on offense increase. He’ll only catch 29 passes, but will have a career high 118 rushing attempts. That will be 16 more offensive touches, an average of one more per game.
5. Jonathan Babineaux will only have 3.5 sacks this year, but he’ll once again finish near the top of the league with 9 tackles for loss.
6. Jamaal Anderson will show minor improvement this year, and notch 2.5 sacks, although that production will matched by Kroy Biermann and surpassed by Chauncey Davis (3 sacks). Anderson will only wind up with 8 starts this year.
7. Brent Grimes will be the early leader in passes defended on the team, but due to some bad outings against the Cowboys, Saints, and Redskins in respective weeks will ultimately lose his starting job to Brian Williams by Week 10.
8. Eric Weems will be so good on punt returns early in the year, that the team will eventually replace Norwood on kickoffs to get him more touches, which will ultimately lead to Norwood’s increased workload on offense.

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2009 NFL Predictions

September 10th, 2009 Comments off

Here are my predictions for the upcoming season.

Patriots (14-2)*
Jets (8-8)*
Dolphins (8-8)
Bills (4-12)
Cowboys (10-6)*
Eagles (9-7)
Giants (9-7)
Redskins (6-10)
Steelers (12-4)*
Ravens (11-5)*
Bengals (6-10)
Browns (5-11)
Bears (13-3)*
Vikings (10-6)*
Packers (10-6)*
Lions (4-12)
Colts (10-6)*
Titans (8-8)
Texans (7-9)
Jaguars (7-9)
Panthers (10-6)*
Falcons (9-7)
Saints (9-7)
Buccaneers (5-11)
Chargers (11-5)*
Chiefs (6-10)
Broncos (5-11)
Raiders (3-13)
Cardinals (10-6)*
Seahawks (8-8)
49ers (5-11)
Rams (4-12)
Wildcard Round

Chargers beat Jets
Ravens beat Colts
Wildcard Round

Panthers beat Packers
Vikings beat Cowboys
Divisional Round

Patriots beat Ravens
Steelers beat Chargers
Divisional Round

Bears beat Vikings
Panthers beat Cardinals
Conference Championship

Steelers beat Patriots
Conference Championship

Bears beat Panthers

Super Bowl XLIV
Steelers beat Bears

Everybody and their momma is picking the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, and they are the safe bet. But I figured I’d throw caution to the win and pick the Steelers to repeat, which will shock the world. Not really, but you have to admit if any team is going to repeat in the near future, the Steelers are as good a bet as anyone. The Bears I think will be the team to beat in the NFC not because of Jay Cutler like most people think, but because I think Matt Forte is going to have a monster year.

League MVP: Tom Brady, Patriots. Because of their success and him coming off injury, Brady will bring home another MVP award. Matt Forte, Jay Cutler, and Philip Rivers will be the next runner’s up.
Defensive MVP: DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys. He probably won’t top 20 sacks, but he’ll get close and will win this award.
Offensive Rookie of the Year: Mark Sanchez, Jets. Taking the Jets to an 8-8 record and a playoff appearance, a no-brainer.
Defensive Rookie of the Year: B.J. Raji, Packers. I almost went with the USC sweep and picked Cushing here, but I figured Raji will win this since he may wind up being the best player on the Packers defense this year, while Cushing will always be second fiddle to Mario Williams.
Coach of the Year: Mike Tomlin, Steelers. While Lovie Smith and Belichick might also deserve this honor, they’ll give it to Tomlin because both of those other guys have already won one.

Coaching Carousel: Tom Cable, Jim Zorn, Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, and Dick Jauron will all be fired at the end of the year. The Cowboys will put on the full court press and hire Mike Shanahan. Washington will settle on Jon Gruden. Houston will replace Kubiak with Ron Rivera, while Jason Garrett will head north to Buffalo. And Oakland will eventually settle on Jim Fassel.

Last Undefeated Teams: The Patriots will start the season 11-0 until they lose to the Dolphins in Week 13. In the NFC, both the Vikings and Bears will get off to fast starts with both teams losing their first games in Week 6 to the Ravens and Falcons, respectively.
Last Winless Teams: The Raiders and Rams will go the longest without a victory this year. The Raiders first win will come against the Jets in Week 7, while the Rams won’t win until they face off with the Lions the following week.

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2008 Atlanta Falcons

September 3rd, 2008 Comments off

So you know from my NFC predictions, I pick the Falcons to finish last in the NFC South, but here’s my predictions and projections for some of the things that happen this year.

Schedule & Results

Week 1 – Detroit – W
Week 2 – at Tampa Bay – L
Week 3 – Kansas City – W
Week 4 – at Carolina – L
Week 5 – at Green Bay – L
Week 6 – Chicago – L
Week 8 – at Philadelphia – L
Week 9 – at Oakland – L
Week 10 – New Orleans – L
Week 11 – Denver – L
Week 12 – Carolina – W
Week 13 – at San Diego – L
Week 14 – at New Orleans – L
Week 15 – Tampa Bay – W
Week 16 – at Minnesota – L
Week 17 – St. Louis – W

I’m predicting the Falcons to finish this year 5-11. I think they will have a nice start to their season, winning 2 of their first 3 games. And everybody will be firmly on the Matt Ryan bandwagon. And then they’ll go into a skid, losing 7 straight, which basically ends any playoff chances. But then we’ll improve down the stretch and win a few more games to improve our record.

Statistical Leaders
Some projections for what kind of numbers guys will put up.

Matt Ryan 450 265 58.9 2850 14 17 72.1
Chris Redman 75 45 60.0 525 3 5 66.8

Michael Turner 280 1125 4.0 7
Jerious Norwood 110 600 5.5 2
Matt Ryan 40 100 2.5 1

Roddy White 80 1025 12.8 6
Michael Jenkins 50 525 10.5 3
Jerious Norwood 45 425 9.4 1
Laurent Robinson 40 450 11.3 2
Harry Douglas 30 375 12.5 2
Ben Hartsock 25 225 9.0 1
Michael Turner 20 150 7.5 1
Ovie Mughelli 15 100 6.7 1

Jason Elam 30 36 28 28

Michael Koenen 90 3850 42.8 38.5

Michael Boley 110 3.0 1 2
Keith Brooking 105 1.5 0 0
Curtis Lofton 95 1.5 1 2
Lawyer Milloy 90 1.0 1 1
Chris Houston 75 0.0 1 0
Erik Coleman 70 0.0 3 1
Brent Grimes 55 0.0 2 0
Jamaal Anderson 45 4.5 0 1
Domonique Foxworth 35 0.0 1 0
Jonathan Babineaux 35 4.0 1 0
Chevis Jackson 30 0.0 1 0
John Abraham 25 7.5 0 3
Grady Jackson 25 1.0 0 0
Simon Fraser 20 2.0 0 0
Stephen Nicholas 20 0.0 0 0
Kroy Biermann 15 2.0 0 0
Kindal Moorehead 15 2.0 0 0
Chauncey Davis 15 1.0 0 0
Stephen Nicholas 15 0.0 0 1
Coy Wire 15 0.0 0 0
Thomas DeCoud 10 0.0 0 0
Jamaal Fudge 10 0.0 0 1
Tony Gilbert 10 0.0 0 0
Antoine Harris 10 0.0 0 0
David Irons 10 0.0 0 0
Jason Jefferson 10 0.0 0 0

Falcons Rankings
Where the Falcons will rank in comparison to the rest of the league.

Rushing Offense: 120 ypg (13th in NFL)
Passing Offense: 210 ypg (20th in NFL)
Total Offense: 330 ypg (19th in NFL)
Scoring Offense: 17 ppg (24th in NFL)
Rushing Defense: 125 ypg (25th in NFL)
Passing Defense: 245 ypg (31st in NFL)
Total Defense: 370 ypg (31st in NFL)
Scoring Defense: 25 ppg (30th in NFL)
Turnover: -6 (23rd in NFL)

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Super Bowl Prediction

September 3rd, 2008 Comments off

Well, you saw that I had the Colts in the Super Bowl from my AFC predictions, and the Eagles from my NFC predictions. So now we find out who wins it all.

Of course, I’m picking the Colts. I’m no fool. Always pick the AFC. I think we’ll be hearing all about Tony Dungy going out on top come February, and then I’ll probably be thinking because of all the hype they are giving the Colts, the Eagles have a chance to upset them. But then in the game, the Eagles will be a bit lackluster. They’ll remain in the game, as they did in the 2004 Super Bowl against the Patriots, but they’ll just come up short.

And while I’ve predicted the Colts-Eagles in the big game, I’ll mention a few more teams that I think can go from each division:


Patriots – I have them in the conference championship, so it’s not going to be a big stretch to see them in the Super Bowl.
Chargers – Now I’m sure most people think they have a shot, but I don’t. I just can’t see a Norv Turner-coached team in the Super Bowl.
Steelers & Jaguars – They are talented enough to make it to the game, but I don’t think Tomlin or Del Rio are Super Bowl coaches (yet).


Cowboys – They are a circus. They’ll win a lot of games, but they won’t be able to lock down their mental toughness at the end and win. And again, I can’t imagine Wade Phillips coaching a team in the Super Bowl, no matter how talented.
Saints – I could see them getting hot and making a playoff push, but I don’t think they’ll have the defense to get them over.
Panthers – If their running game is on, then I see good things for the Panthers, but everything will have to fall into place for them to get back to the Super Bowl.
Seahawks – This is my dark horse pick for the Super Bowl, just because I think they’ll have one of the better defenses in the league, and they definitely have the experience.
Vikings – They have a great running game and defense, but at the end of the day, I think Tarvaris Jackson is going to have to win them some games in the playoffs. I don’t think he’s ready (nor do I think he’ll ever be ready).

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NFC Predictions

September 3rd, 2008 Comments off

Well, I already got the AFC teams going. Now here are the NFC teams.

NFC East

1. Philadelphia Eagles
Yeah, I picked the Eagles to win 12 games this year.
2. Dallas Cowboys
They’ll probably win 11 or 12 games as well, but won’t win the division.
3. New York Giants
A good team but I expect significant dropoff from last year.
4. Washington Redskins
They’ll be competing with the Titans for the best last place team in the league.

NFC North

1. Minnesota Vikings
They should no problem rolling in this division.
2. Green Bay Packers
Rodgers will take his licks, but they’ll be a competitive team.
3. Chicago Bears
They’ll improve from last year, but this is not a good football team.
4. Detroit Lions
I’m not buying that this team is improving under Marinelli.

NFC South

1. New Orleans Saints
The Saints will look more like their ’06 version than ’07 version.
2. Carolina Panthers
This should be a year in which the Panthers should make the playoffs.
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
They’ll be one of the toughest 7-9 teams around.
4. Atlanta Falcons
I’m sorry, it’s just not going to happen.

NFC West

1. Seattle Seahawks
Their defense should help them roll in this division.
2. St. Louis Rams
We’ll see some life in this team but they won’t finish above .500.
3. Arizona Cardinals
They’ll be competitive, but will still manage to lose more games than they should.
4. San Francisco 49ers
Sayonara Mike Nolan. The highlight of your tenure there was how good you looked in a suit, not your football team.


Eagles take out the Vikings in the conference championship game. The other playoff teams will be the Cowboys, Saints, Seahawks, and Panthers.

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AFC Predictions

September 3rd, 2008 Comments off

Here are my predictions for the AFC for the 2008 season.

AFC East

1. New England Patriots
No surprise picking the Patriots to win this weak division. They’ll probably win at least 13 games again this year.
2. New York Jets
Their moves in the off-season should improve their record, but they are still far from a playoff team.
3. Buffalo Bills
The Bills are a young up and coming team. But they are a bit too young. I think they could be a team to watch in 2009 or 2010, but not yet.
4. Miami Dolphins
This is one of the worst teams in the NFL.

AFC North

1. Pittsburgh Steelers
This division has no other playoff teams. Steelers shouldn’t have too much trouble winning this division.
2. Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals aren’t good, but they are probably the second best team in this division.
3. Cleveland Browns
One of the most overrated teams in the league this year. I think they will be like the 2007 Saints, a trendy pick for the playoffs that won’t come close to it.
4. Baltimore Ravens
They are too young on offense and too old on defense. Not a good combination.

AFC South

1. Indianapolis Colts
Will as usual be one of the top teams in the AFC.
2. Jacksonville Jaguars
I don’t really like the Jaguars, but I can’t deny that they are going to win a lot of games and probably make the playoffs again.
3. Houston Texans
Earlier, I thought the Texans could make the playoffs this year, but not so much anymore. They should get close and hover around .500 though.
4. Tennessee Titans
They will probably be the best last place team in the league, finishing just below .500 as well.

AFC West

1. San Diego Chargers
This team is going to win a lot of games this year, but I don’t like their playoff chances.
2. Denver Broncos
Finally Mike Shanahan should lead this team back to the playoffs.
3. Oakland Raiders
They’ll win a few games, but they’ll still be one of the league’s lesser teams.
4. Kansas City Chiefs
Again, one of the worst teams in the league. Will be lucky to win 5 games.


The Colts go into Foxboro and beat the Patriots, a big stunner. The six playoff teams will be the Pats, Colts, Chargers, Steelers, Broncos, and Jaguars.

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