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FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 28 “2013 Schedule Breakdown” Parts 1 & 2

May 14th, 2013 1 comment

Allen and I take part in another two-part episode in which we go week by week, breaking down the Falcons 2013 schedule. We look at favorable matchups that the Falcons can exploit along with our thoughts on how good the Falcons 2013 opponents will be this upcoming fall. In the first part, we look at the first half of the season culminating in our analysis of the Falcons Week 10 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. You’ll hear our thoughts on each of the Falcons first nine opponents, as well as insights on how the Falcons defensive line and offensive lines will look in 2013 and odds that the Falcons pick up a veteran free agent such as John Abraham, Richard Seymour, or Karlos Dansby before the summer starts. You’ll also hear our breakdown of how Darrelle Revis stacks up against Julio Jones, and Ron Rivera in comparison to Mike Smith.

In the second part of our schedule breakdown extravanganza, Allen and I take a look at the Falcons final seven opponents beginning in Week 11 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We talk about how good a year Steven Jackson might have, along with whether or not the Falcons have made enough improvements on defense to handle the New Orleans Saints. You’ll also hear our thoughts on how the division race in the NFC East may shake out as well as some of the other NFC squads that could be wildcard contenders. We cap things off with our insights on how the 2013 season as a whole should play out for the Falcons.

Part 1:

Ep. 28: 2013 Schedule Breakdown Part 1 [Download]

Duration: 51 minutes

Part 2:

Ep. 28: 2013 Schedule Breakdown Part 2 [Download]

Duration: 55 minutes

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Falcons open season in New Orleans

April 18th, 2013 Comments off

The league announced the 2013 regular season schedule tonight. The Falcons will open their season on the road against division rival New Orleans Saints on September 8, the first Sunday in the season. The following week the Falcons will get their home opener against the St. Louis Rams on September 15. The schedule features five primetime matchups (tied for most in the league), beginning with a home game in Week 4 against the New England Patriots on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. They will then follow that up with a Monday Night Football matchup on ESPN the ensuing week with another home game against the New York Jets on October 7. The Falcons bye week will be the following week.

After the Saints, the Falcons next NFC South divisional opponent follows their bye week with a home game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After that the Falcons begin an eight game series that will have the team at home for only three games. The Falcons next primetime game will come in Week 12 on October 21 at home on their Thursday Night game on NFL Network. The Falcons will go on the road to Lambeau Field to face the Green Bay Packers in Week 14 on December 8 on Sunday Night Football once more. The final primetime game will be against the team that ended the Falcons 2012 season in the NFC Championship. That game against the San Francisco 49ers will come in Week 16, December 23 on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. The Falcons will close out the regular season with a home game against the Carolina Panthers on December 29.

Five of the Falcons six divisional games will follow their Week 6 bye week. Four of the team’s first six games will be played at home in the Georgia Dome. The Falcons schedule also features two significant breaks. The first of which follows their Monday Night game against the Jets, due to the bye week, the Falcons next game won’t come until 13 days later. Following their Week 12 Thursday Nighter against the Saints, they will have the typical nine-day layoff until they go on the road against the Buffalo Bills. That game will be played in the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Click here to see the rest of the Falcons 2013 schedule.

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2013 Schedule

April 18th, 2013 Comments off

2013 Atlanta Falcons Schedule

Week Date Opponent Time Result Score Stats
1 Aug. 8 Cincinnati 8:00 L 10-34 Stats | Recap | Review
2 Aug. 15 at Baltimore 7:30 L 23-27 Stats | Recap | Review
3 Aug. 24 at Tennessee 8:00 L 16-27 Stats | Recap | Review
4 Aug. 29 Jacksonville 7:30 L 16-20 Stats | Recap | Review
Regular Season
Week Date Opponent Time Result Score Stats
1 Sep. 8 at New Orleans 1:00 L 17-23 Stats | Recap | Review
2 Sep. 15 St. Louis 1:00 W 31-24 Stats | Recap | Review
3 Sep. 22 at Miami 4:05 L 23-27 Stats | Recap | Review
4 Sep. 29 New England 8:30 L 23-30 Stats | Recap | Review
5 Oct. 7 N.Y. Jets 8:40 L 28-30 Stats | Recap | Review
6 Oct. 13 bye
7 Oct. 20 Tampa Bay 1:00 W 31-23 Stats | Recap | Review
8 Oct. 27 at Arizona 4:25 L 13-27 Stats | Recap | Review
9 Nov. 3 at Carolina 1:00 L 10-34 Stats | Recap | Review
10 Nov. 10 Seattle 1:00 L 10-33 Stats | Recap | Review
11 Nov. 17 at Tampa Bay 1:00 L 28-41 Stats | Recap | Review
12 Nov. 21 New Orleans 8:20 L 13-17 Stats | Recap | Review
13 Dec. 1 at Buffalo 4:05 W 34-31(OT) Stats | Recap | Review
14 Dec. 8 at Green Bay 1:00 L 21-22 Stats | Recap | Review
15 Dec. 15 Washington 1:00 W 27-26 Stats | Recap | Review
16 Dec. 23 at San Francisco 8:40 L 24-34 Stats | Recap | Review
17 Dec. 29 Carolina 1:00 L 20-21 Stats | Recap | Review

Stats are provided by‘s Gamebooks, which are in PDF format. You can find a PDF reader here.

Click here to see the results of the Falcons 2012 Season.

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Falcons to open preseason at home on ESPN

April 4th, 2013 Comments off

The league announced some of the preseason dates for the upcoming 2013 season today. The Falcons four preseason opponents have been set. They will open their preseason schedule on Thursday, August 8 at home against the Cincinnati Bengals which will air on ESPN. For their second preseason game to be played between August 15 and 19, they will travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens. In Week 3 of the preseason (August 22-26) they will face the Tennessee Titans on the road. They close the preseason on August 29 at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The more tentative dates for the second and third preseason games will be set at a later date.

The league is expected to unveil the regular season schedule on April 16.

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2012 Schedule

April 18th, 2012 Comments off

2012 Atlanta Falcons Schedule

Week Date Opponent Time Result Score Stats
1 Aug. 9 Baltimore 7:30 L 17-31 Stats | Recap
2 Aug. 16 Cincinnati 8:00 L 19-24 Stats | Recap
3 Aug. 24 at Miami 7:30 W 23-6 Stats | Recap
4 Aug. 30 at Jacksonville 6:30 L 14-24 Stats | Recap
Regular Season
Week Date Opponent Time Result Score Stats
1 Sep. 9 at Chiefs 1:00 W 40-24 Stats | Recap | Review
2 Sep. 17 Broncos 8:30 W 27-21 Stats | Recap | Review
3 Sep. 23 at Chargers 4:05 W 27-3 Stats | Recap | Review
4 Sep. 30 Panthers 1:00 W 30-28 Stats | Recap | Review
5 Oct. 7 at Redskins 1:00 W 24-17 Stats | Recap | Review
6 Oct. 14 Raiders 1:00 W 23-20 Stats | Recap | Review
7 Oct. 21 bye
8 Oct. 28 at Eagles 1:00 W 30-17 Stats | Recap | Review
9 Nov. 4 Cowboys 8:20 W 19-13 Stats | Recap | Review
10 Nov. 11 at Saints 1:00 L 27-31 Stats | Recap | Review
11 Nov. 18 Cardinals 1:00 W 23-19 Stats | Recap | Review
12 Nov. 25 at Buccaneers 1:00 W 24-23 Stats | Recap | Review
13 Nov. 29 Saints 8:20 W 23-13 Stats | Recap | Review
14 Dec. 9 at Panthers 1:00 L 20-30 Stats | Recap | Review
15 Dec. 16 Giants 1:00 W 34-0 Stats | Recap | Review
16 Dec. 22 at Lions 8:30 W 31-18 Stats | Recap | Review
17 Dec. 30 Buccaneers 1:00 L 17-22 Stats | Recap | Review
19 Jan. 13 Seahawks 1:00 W 30-28 Stats | Recap | Review
20 Jan. 20 49ers 3:00 L 24-28 Stats | Recap | Review

Stats are provided by‘s Gamebooks, which are in PDF format. You can find a PDF reader here.

Click here to see the results of the Falcons 2011 Season.

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2012 Schedule released

April 17th, 2012 Comments off

The league announced the 2012 regular season schedule today. Click here to view the Falcons schedule in its entirety.

The Falcons will open the season on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 9. They will then host the Denver Broncos in their regular season opener in Week 2 on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. That marks the Falcons first of four primetime games. In Week 3, the Falcons will face their third AFC West opponent, travelling to San Diego to take on the Chargers for their lone late afternoon game of the season. They begin their NFC South slate of games on September 30 at home against the Carolina Panthers. Then they go on the road against the Washington Redskins in Week 5, followed up by another home contest to finish their AFC West slate against the Oakland Raiders.

In Week 7, the Falcons get a bye and then travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles on October 28. They get their next primetime game against another NFC East foe the following week against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football on November 4 on NBC, They get their first game against the New Orleans Saints on the road the following week. A home game against the Arizona Cardinals follows with a road contest against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Falcons are then on a short week at home against the Saints on Thursday Night football on NFL Network. They go on the road in Week 14 against the Panthers before a home game against the New York Giants on December 16, a rematch of the teams 2011 playoff loss. They then get a final primetime game on ESPN on Saturday, December 22 on the road against the Detroit Lions. They finish the season with a home game against the Bucs.

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Falcons preseason slate announced

April 5th, 2012 Comments off

The Falcons announced their preseason matchups yesterday, with the team set to face the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Falcons and Ravens have been a regular matchup over the years, meeting in seven of the past nine preseasons. The two teams are set to clash in the Georgia Dome on the opening week of preseason. The following week on August 16, the Falcons will host the Bengals which will air on FOX. It is their first preseason meeting against the Bengals since 2007. They will go on the road against the Dolphins the following week. They have seen the Dolphins in the past two preseasons, splitting those games. They will close out against the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road on August 30. It is their third consecutive preseason meeting, marking their eighth overall meeting since the Jaguars entered the league in 1995. This will also be the fifth time the two teams have met to close out their preseason schedules, four of which have been hosted by the Jaguars.

The regular season schedule is expected to be announced within the next few weeks prior to the draft on April 26. Last season it was announced a week after the preseason schedule was announced.

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Falcons to take on Giants in playoffs

January 2nd, 2012 Comments off

The Falcons are set to square off with the New York Giants at Giants Stadium next Sunday on January 8, 2012 for the opening round of the NFC playoffs. That game will be aired on FOX at 1 pm Eastern. The Giants 31-14 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night tonight propelled them to the NFC East Division title and into the playoffs.

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Are the Falcons a playoff team?

October 10th, 2011 Comments off

If they are, I think we have only seen glimpses of it. I think that was on display in the first halves of each of the past two games against Seattle and Green Bay. Particularly Green Bay, where the offense looked dynamic and the defense looked stout.

Is that Falcon team going to be able to show up for more than just two quarters in any game? Are the Falcons going to make a habit of starting strong, but then at halftime when it comes to making adjustments they will struggle?

If that is the case, then it’s hard to see this team being a playoff team. The Falcons offense scored six second half points against Seattle and none against the Packers. That does not sound like a team on the verge of making the playoffs.

The season is long, and they have 11 more games to get their act together, but are they going to have to go 8-3 in those games in order to do so? I guess we will get a real measurement of where this team is at in the next few games, as we play the Panthers and Saints at home, and the Lions and Colts on the road. The Lions and Saints definitely look like teams thus far that are on the verge of the playoffs. And while the Panthers and Colts are near or at the bottom of the league, we will get a good measuring stick to see if the Falcons belong in either one of those groups by how strong they look against the latter and/or how timid they look against the former.

I believe Falcon fans have been waiting for five weeks to see the playoff-caliber football team that we were all told was in Flowery Branch. We are still waiting…

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Falcons Weekly Round-Up 6/10

June 10th, 2011 Comments off

Recapping news and headlines involving the Falcons from the week of June 5…

Gizmodo Image

Apple iPad

Falcons ahead on technology curve

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post writes that the Falcons are among a few teams that are now using iPads instead of conventional means of paper. He mentions Falcons head coach Mike Smith was seen using an iPad during the team’s pre-draft interviews that including a checklist of questions for each paper. Pompei also mentions that the Baltimore Ravens are giving their players their playbooks on iPads. (Source: Dan Pompei, National Football Post)

NCAA avoiding scheduling issues

A scheduling conflict between the Falcons and Georgia State has been resolved.  Both teams play their home games in the Georgia Dome. Originally, the Georgia State Panthers had claimed the September 1 date back in February, hosting their season opener against Clark Atlanta, another local school. But when the NFL announced their schedules in April, the date was used for the Falcon’s final preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. But the matter has been cleared up with the Falcons holding the September 1 date, and the Panthers moving their game to September 2. Georgia State begins its second season for their new football program, having gone 6-5 in its inaugural season. (Source: Georgia State Sports)

There was no such scheduling conflict from other college football entities, when the BCS tentative scheduled secondary dates for the Sugar Bowl and BCS Championship Game in January due to the NFL lockout. The Falcons face the Saints in the Superdome on December 26 (a Monday Night), according to the current NFL schedule in Week 16. But it’s possible that games could be pushed back a week or two to avoid missing games. So the Sugar Bowl, which is tentatively scheduled for either Monday, January 2 or Tuesday, January 3. The title game is currently slate for Monday, January 9, but could be moved up to Saturday, January 7 or back to Tuesday, January 10 to get around. (Source: Brett Martel, Associated Press)

VanGorder among up and coming assistants

Falcons defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder makes Pete Prisco’s list of ten assistant coaches that could be strong candidates to have head coaching jobs come 2012. Writes Prisco:

The Falcons made some nice strides on defense last season. They went from 14th in points in 2009 to fifth last season. VanGorder is a big reason why. He makes the defensive calls, even though coach Mike Smith is a defense-oriented head coach. VanGorder brings a high-energy level to his style of coaching. He is loud, passionate and can be heard from across the practice field. If the Falcons can continue to improve on defense, and they make a Super Bowl run, VanGorder will get a look next year. He was a college head coach at Georgia Southern for a year, which will help.

Prisco also lists three former Falcons assistants, including Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, who served in that same capacity for the Falcons from 1998 to 2006; Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave, who spent the last four seasons as the Falcons quarterback coach before taking the offer from Minnesota earlier this off-season; and Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, who was the Falcons defensive coordinator prior to VanGorder in 2007. (Source: Pete Prisco, CBS Sports)

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