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Scouting Report: Roddy White

August 16th, 2011 Comments off

Roddy White

Last summer, I posted 11 scouting reports on various Falcon players, and I will try and do the same this summer before the season starts. Last year, I broke down the games of Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez. Clearly, there is a key component of the Falcons passing attack that has gone un-scouted. It’s time to break down Roddy White…

Pros: Has solid hands with excellent body control to adjust to throws and make the tough grab. Does an excellent job in traffic, able to use his body to get position and attacks the ball in the air. Has a very good nose for the ball and seems to be at his best on third downs, in the redzone, and other critical game situations. A polished route runner that can separate quickly and help move the chains on the shorter routes. Has good speed to get behind defense and make plays down the field. Has a quick first step and shows the burst to make plays after the catch and willing to run over defenders. Has nice size and physical guy that won’t shy from contact. Gives good effort as a blocker and uses his size and strength well there.

Cons: Doesn’t have explosive second gear that will force top corners to play off him and allow him to be a truly dynamic deep threat. Plays with passion and energy, but it can get the better of him at times leading to some stupid penalties and mental errors. Will be prone to some drops from time to time, although he has improved in that area over the years

2011 Outlook: Roddy should have increased opportunities to make big plays with the introduction of Julio Jones into the offense. He’ll still remain the focal point of the Falcons passing attack and where defenses commit the majority of their resources. But if Jones plays up to expectations, it will force opponents to put their corners on an island against White more often, a situation that he has often exploited.

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Scouting Report: Eric Weems

August 18th, 2010 Comments off
Eric Weems

Eric Weems

It’s time to take a gander at an oft-overlooked and underestimated wideout by the name of Eric Weems.

Pros: Has good speed and quickness. As a return man does a good job accelerating and getting to top speed. Fairly sure-handed returner that isn’t prone to fumbles or muffs. As a punt returner, does a good job making the first guy miss. Uses his ability as a returner to pick up yardage after the catch. Is a good runner and can be effective on screens and reverses. Shows good hands and can adjust to a high throw. Is a good blocker for his size, and willing to throw what little weight he does have around.

Cons: Lacks elite long speed to really be a gamebreaker as a return threat. Needs to polish up his route-running. Without it, he has yet to prove he can get open against starting-caliber cornerbacks. Lack of size makes him susceptible to the jam.

2010 Outlook: It’s interesting to note that the very first offensive snap Eric Weems ever took in a regular season game, he threw a touchdown-resulting block for Harry Douglas in 2008. Weems physical attributes favor him as a slot receiver or flanker where his lack of size isn’t as big an issue. Last season he got quite a bit of work that likely would have gone to Harry Douglas had he been available. This year, he is being pushed for his role as incumbent return specialist, but also looking to make more of an impact on offense.

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Scouting Report: Stephen Nicholas

August 17th, 2010 Comments off
Icon Sports Media, Inc.

Stephen Nicholas

Things were kicked off with a scouting report on middle linebacker Curtis Lofton. Now its time to look at someone that may be playing beside him this year: Stephen Nicholas.

Pros: He is a physical, hard-hitting linebacker that thrives near the line of scrimmage. Does his best work when he is allowed to attack upfield. Can make stops in the backfield. Shows good burst and quickness off the edge as a blitzer and pass rusher. Can even line up with his hand in the dirt on occasion. Shows good speed and can make plays against the run both in pursuit and at the point of attack.

Cons: Lacks ideal quickness and burst and struggles in coverage due to lacking hips and awareness. Best when he can keep things in front of him, and too often gets turned around in coverage. His tackling ability tends to be less effective when he’s playing in space.

2010 Outlook: Nicholas is a nice fit at the strongside linebacker for the Falcons in their base package. The Falcons seem to covet a physical run defender at the position that can offer ability as an upfield pass rusher. But Nicholas needs to improve in coverage if he hopes to be a player that can go from a situational player to an every down player that even gets work in the nickel.

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Scouting Report: Jason Snelling

August 16th, 2010 Comments off
AP Photo

Jason Snelling (AP)

Now it’s time to look on offense at one of the Falcons key reserves: running back Jason Snelling.

Pros: Shows good speed and burst for a player of his size and frame. Can be a dangerous runner on the second level when he can square his shoulders and run behind his pads. Shows enough power to break tackles. Is a good north-south runner that does his best work running downhill. Effective on screens because of this when he has blockers out in front of him. Has good, reliable hands as a receiver out of the backfield. Is an effective lead blocker and does a capable job in pass protection. Shows good ball security, generally covering the ball with both arms to prevent being stripped. Patient, and does a good job following his blockers. His play improved as the season wore on and seems to get better with a heavier workload. Also solid on special teams in coverage.

Cons: Not as powerful as a player his size could be. Can get stone-walled when he takes on a linebacker head on. Not as effective in short-yardage because of it. Doesn’t have great long speed to take it the distance. Not overly shifty on the second level and tends to be a very straight-line runner. Doesn’t show great vision as a runner. Lack of vision means he’s really only as productive as his blocking allows. Still needs a bit more polish in pass protection, as he’ll miss on some assignments.

2010 Outlook: Originally considered a tweener at the position, Snelling has emerged as a reliable reserve option at halfback. Coupled with his ability to line up as a lead blocker, it makes Snelling a very versatile reserve running back. He showed significant improvement last year, as a late season fill-in for an injured Michael Turner. The Falcons hope he can continue to make progress as a runner, which would do a lot to spell Turner and keep him healthy.

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Scouting Report: Thomas DeCoud

August 15th, 2010 Comments off
Icon Sports Media, Inc.

Thomas DeCoud

Took a break on Saturday, and I’m coming back with a scouting report on an up and coming defender in the Falcons secondary: free safety Thomas DeCoud.

Pros: Has good speed which allows him range to make plays in centerfield. Shows ball skills to make a play on the pass and break up an errant throw over the middle. Has good closing burst to deliver hit to ballcarrier.

Cons: A bit undersized, and tends to rely on hitting rather than wrapping as a tackler. Doesn’t have great hands, and can be prone to dropping interceptions.

2010 Outlook: DeCoud had a breakout 2009 season, after doing very little in 2008. The Falcons are hopeful that he can show similar improvement from 2009 to 2010.

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Scouting Report: Jamaal Anderson

August 13th, 2010 Comments off
Icon Sports Media, Inc.

Jamaal Anderson

Now it’s time to break down a defensive lineman, starting with perhaps the Falcons most infamous player: Jamaal Anderson

Pros: Has good size and has the ability to get leverage vs. the run. Can make the stop at the point of attack. Shows some burst upfield, to press the pocket and make plays in the backfield. Showed more maturity and intensity as the 2009 season wore on. Has a nice motor. Can line up inside or outside. Does his best in the former when he plays in the 3-technique over the guard’s outside shoulder, which allows him to use his quickness better.  When playing end, does a decent job holding the edge.

Cons: Doesn’t have good short-area burst or quickness to close on the ball and make plays as a pass rusher. Lacks flexibility, so he can whiff on some stops when he does manage to get penetration. Is lacking in terms of hand use and technique. Has trouble disengaging from blockers as a pass rusher and shows very few moves. Tends to rely on his quickness, which isn’t great. Too often gets a poor jump off the snap. That also causes him to lose some battles vs. the run and get pushed off the ball.

2010 Outlook: Anderson is a valuable member of the Falcons rotation because he can play the run, as well as take reps inside on. He has disappointed as a high first round draft pick, and isn’t likely to live up to those expectations. But he has the ability to prove himself a key role player in the Falcons front rotation.

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Scouting Report: Justin Blalock

August 12th, 2010 Comments off
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Justin Blalock

It’s time to look up front at the blockers, starting with left guard Justin Blalock.

Pros: Has good strength and able to get position as a run blocker. Shows ability to get inside seal block to help create running lanes. Works best in a short area. Is effective when asked to get downfield and make blocks on the second level.  Uses his strength and good punch in pass protection so that he does well defending the bull rush. Shows a nice mean streak.

Cons: Doesn’t have great footwork or technique. Doesn’t always stay square in pass protection and can struggle with quicker interior pass rushers. Not great when he’s left on an island. He needs to improve his balance as he spends too much time on the turf. Needs to do a better job with his footwork, particularly as a drive blocker which prevents him from getting push. Not that effective when asked to pull, missing assignments.

2010 Outlook: The term that would most aptly describe Blalock is “effective.” He is capable of doing anything you ask him, but he doesn’t stand out in any area or way. Blalock enters a contract year and it will be a pivotal year both for his future in Atlanta as well as in the league. He has shown improvement each year, but in order for the Falcons to bring him back for another season he is going to have to put everything together and make significant strides forward.

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Scouting Report: Dunta Robinson

August 11th, 2010 2 comments
Dunta Robinson

Dunta Robinson

I already looked at one of the Falcons potential starting corners, and now I will look at the team’s top off-season pickup Dunta Robinson. I should note that I didn’t watch every Texan game from a year ago, but I did watch six games. I watched three games in which the Texans gave up the most passing yards (vs. Arizona, Indianapolis, and Miami), games where they gave up a bunch of rushing yards (vs. Jacksonville and Tennessee), as well as one game picked at random (vs. Oakland). I thought such a sample would allow me to see how Robinson impacted against some of Houston’s tougher defensive matchups.

Pros: He’s a scrappy, physical defender that isn’t afraid to mix it up in run support. Has good burst on the football and can make stops in the open field. Will lower the shoulder and deliver a hit to the ballcarrier. Shows ball skills to break up the pass. Comfortable working in zone coverage and does a nice job keeping things in front of him. Can work on an island and shows nice quickness and speed. He’s hard to beat on the deep pass. Does his best work in press coverage and does a good job getting the jam at the line.

Cons: Needs to polish his technique and footwork, which can be sloppy at times. Has a tendency to get beat on crossing routes and on the comeback because he doesn’t always show good burst out of his breaks. At times too willing to give up plays underneath. Doesn’t have great instincts to jump routes. Lacks good hands and won’t create a lot of turnovers.

2010 Outlook: Robinson comes to Atlanta hoping to bounce back after some down seasons in Houston. He injured his knee in 2007 when many felt he was on the verge of becoming a perennial Pro Bowler, and just hasn’t been the same corner since. He brings the right type of physical persona the Falcons like on the outside and they think he can help them against some of the better wideouts they will see this year.

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Scouting Report: Matt Ryan

August 10th, 2010 Comments off
Matt Ryan

Getty Images/J.Luzzi

It’s time to get the skinny on the Falcons franchise player and quarterback, Matt Ryan.

Pros: Has good size and a quick trigger which makes him a natural pocket passer. Has a good arm with good zip and capable of making every throw. Has nice mobility and does a good job when he’s working outside the pocket as a passer on rollouts and bootlegs. Has good accuracy and knows how to put the ball in a position where receiver can best make the play. Shows good smarts and awareness and does a nice job anticipating throws and reads. Is a natural leader that thrives in competitive situations which is why he does some of his best work late in games as well as in the no-huddle offense. Also doesn’t get easily rattled against the blitz. Understands accountability which only drives his competitive nature and desire to improve.

Cons: Situational awareness needs to be more consistent and has room to improve. Will at times give up on a play too early, showing a lack of trust in his supporting cast. But at other times will show too much trust when he forces passes into double and triple coverage. Doesn’t have a howitzer-sized arm, meaning he won’t be able to throw the ball on a frozen rope 40 yards downfield off his back leg across his body. That means he needs to rely on a consistent footwork and mechanics in the pocket more than other top quarterbacks. Which means that pressure can be a bit more effective against him than others if he’s not allowed to step into his throws. Needs to improve touch and accuracy on deep throws, as well as a willingness to challenge downfield.

2010 Outlook: Ryan will be entering his third season in the Mike Mularkey-run offensive system. And that third year is often cited as the critical one where things start to click for most young quarterbacks that wind up having long, productive NFL careers.

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Scouting Report: Tony Gonzalez

August 9th, 2010 Comments off
Tony Gonzalez

Tony Gonzalez (AP)

Now that I’ve dealt with two defenders, now it’s time to turn the focus and scout an offensive player. Who better to start with than the future Hall of Famer on the roster: tight end Tony Gonzalez.

Pros: Has excellent hands and has good concentration to secure the ball firmly almost every time. Has a knack for getting position against the defender and making the catch in traffic. Does an excellent job adjusting to the thrown ball and making the catch. Will come down with most jump balls and plays the ball very well in the air, attacking it.  Knows how to find the soft spots in the zone. Does a nice job as a runner after the catch when he has a step on the defender and not afraid of contact. An extremely hard worker that has an eye for detail, which makes him an excellent leader by example.

Cons: Not a great blocker. Will give effort, but not strong or physical enough to maintain his blocks for long and is a bit of a liability when teams run behind him. Will miss some assignments both as a run blocker and in pass protection. Doesn’t have great speed or burst to get great separation from the defender as well as making plays downfield in the passing game. This can force passer to fit throws into tighter windows.

2010 Outlook: Gonzalez transformed the Falcons offense a year ago. Mike Mularkey has never really had a tight end that can be a featured weapon in the passing game, and Gonzalez was exactly that. He provided a ton of value on third downs and was among the league leaders in converting on third downs. He also was a valuable asset in the redzone because his presence could free up other receivers. When the Falcons needed a play to be made in the passing game, they usually turned to Gonzalez. The Falcons hope Gonzalez can continue to add similar value on third downs and near the goalline in 2010.

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