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Vick in legal hot water

April 27th, 2007 Comments off

An Associated Press report indicates that a drug probe led authorities to properties owned by Falcons quarterback Michael Vick in Smithfield, Virginia.

Vick owns the property, but does not live there. His cousin, Davon Boddie, is the house’s resident and was the subject of the drug-related investigation. Boddie was arrested last week outside a nightclub in Hampton, Virginia on charges of marijuana possession and distribution. This led authorities to further investigations at the home in Smithfield.

While on the property, they found 70 dogs, mostly pitbulls, and some of them appeared malnourished, scarred, and injured, leading animal control specialists and authorities to believe they were involved with illegal dog-fighting. Roughly half the dogs were found chained to buried car axles, and also equipment used to train fighting dogs including treadmills, chains, whips, and drugs were found on the premises.

The Human Society issued a statement in which they indicated hearing previous reports of Vick’s involvement in dog fighting.

In other legal matters, Vick also faces trespassing charges in the city of Suffolk, Virginia. There, Vick was charged with trespassing while fishing in a local lake in February. A hearing will not occur if Vick pays a $500 fine, and as of Wednesday, that fine is unpaid.

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Ranking Vick

April 26th, 2007 3 comments

For those interested, Vick currently ranks 16th among active quarterbacks in terms of regular season record a starter. That takes into account only players that have started at least 16 regular season games. And Vick’s postseason record is better than 5 of those games.

And all 10 of the other quarterbacks that surpass Vick have taken a team and led them to at least one Super Bowl appearance.

I’m not making a judgment, just letting the stats speak for themselves. But since this is a blog, an opinion has to come in somewhere. So here goes:

If someone were to approach me and say that Vick is the best QB in the league never to have played in a Super Bowl, I don’t think I could really disagree. I’m sure others would point to Marc Bulger, Chad Pennington, Carson Palmer, or Drew Brees. All have won at least 54% of their regular season games and at least 1 playoff game. Vick has a better postseason record than all 4 of those players, but both Bulger and Pennington have better regular season records.

I’m not making that claim right now, but if someone were to do so, it would be something worth arguing. Considering that Vick hasn’t had the talent around him at certain positions that those others have had. Not saying that Crumpler, Dunn, and others are chopped liver or that those others haven’t played behind bad offensive lines (all except Brees have). But just saying that if someone claimed that Vick has done more with less, it would be hard for me to argue against that.

Where Vick ranks among the entire 16, I’m not so sure. But there are those among that group : Philip Rivers, Jay Fiedler, Brad Johnson, and Kurt Warner that I personally would not rank ahead of Vick. And I’m sure there are others that would strongly dispute whether Rex Grossman, Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck, Bulger, and Pennington deserve to be ahead of Vick.

But it’s all relatively meaningless where I or others rank him. He can certainly silence all of his detractors by winning a Super Bowl. I myself will shut up if he simply loses a Super Bowl. But if or when he manages to join the elite club that only 26 quarterbacks belong to, he’ll be able to proclaim himself No. 1.

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Vick donates $10K to VA Tech families

April 19th, 2007 Comments off

The Associated Press reports that Michael Vick will donate $10,000 to assist and support the families affected by the massacre at Virginia Tech. Vick is an alumnus of Virginia Tech. His charity organization, the Vick Foundation, is collecting donations from local communities in Atlanta and Virginia for the United in Caring Fund for Victims of the Virginia Tech Tragedy and also a special fund of the United Way in counties surrounding the Blacksburg, VA area. The money will be used to aid in the costs of funeral expenses, transportation, and other support services.

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Vick says water bottle concealed jewelry

March 22nd, 2007 Comments off

Michael Vick, speaking on the subject of the incident that occurred at Miami International Airport in January for the first time, indicated that the confiscated water bottle he carried was used to conceal jewelry.

Vick indicated that it was used to protect jewelry, after having previous incidents in which jewelry had been stolen out of hotels.

Vick indicated that upon meeting new Falcons coach Bobby Petrino for the first time after departing Miami, Petrino simply brushed off the incident.

An AJC article by Steve Wyche disputes the notion that on that particular day whether or not the bottle was concealing jewelry.

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Vick will be allowed to audible

February 3rd, 2007 Comments off

A change that will come in the installation of his offense, new Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino insists that Falcons quarterback Michael Vick will be allowed to audible. He told this to reporters while in Miami this week for Super Bowl festivities, at the urging of Falcons owner Arthur Blank as a good opportunity for networking.

This represents a marked change in philosophy from the previous coaching staff helmed by head coach Jim Mora and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp. Knapp admittedly was not a “fan” of audibles, and limited Vick’s ability to do so. Under Knapp, Vick was only allowed to modify protection schemes and determine which side of the field a play was to be run on. Under Petrino, he will be given significant latitude to change the play further.

Although Petrino hired former Bengals receivers coach Hue Jackson to serve as the Falcons new offensive coordinator, Petrino himself will be the team’s play-caller.

Petrino stated that Vick was excited about the new challenge and that he’s confident that Vick can handle his new workload. Petrino also told reporters that the Falcons would focus on adding strength and size to their offensive line.

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Falcons deny trade rumors

January 23rd, 2007 Comments off

Not surprisingly, the Falcons released a statement on Tuesday denying any possible rumors of trading starting quarterback Michael Vick.

In the report by WXIA-TV, a spokeswoman for the Falcons said, “There are no plans to cut or trade Vick. Michael is our quarterback. He has a new head coach who is anxious to start working with him this season. Everyone has high expectations for Michael, including Michael.”

The statement was released likely in contrast to recent internet rumors that the Oakland Raiders are preparing to make the Falcons an offer for their recently maligned quarterback. No such press releases or statements have been heard from the Raiders, whose recent attention has been centered on their new coaching hire, Lane Kiffin.

The Falcons own new coach, Bobby Petrino, gave Vick a vote of confidence during his introductory press conference, declaring that Michael Vick was currently the team’s starter.

Vick’s first meeting with Petrino occurred this weekend, following his infamous incident in Miami International Airport.

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Vick traded to Raiders?

January 23rd, 2007 Comments off’s Ben Maller first reported in the NFL Rumors section of the website on Monday that the Oakland Raiders are interested in trading for Michael Vick. According to that report, the Raiders would part ways with receivers Randy Moss and Jerry Porter along with the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft in order to acquire Vick.

The timing of this rumor is interested in the sense that it comes shortly after it was first reported that Vick would be exonerated of any wrongdoing in his infamous incident at Miami International Airport, in which he was accused of carrying a concealment device in a water bottle. And it also comes shortly before the Raiders announced that USC offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin would take over the team as the NFL’s youngest head coach at age 31. Any such move, would likely involve the Raiders new coach being on board.

Trading Vick would invoke an approximate cap hit of over $20 million in dead money for the Falcons if such a deal would be made.

Also, the Falcons had an opportunity to acquire Moss back in 2005 when he first landed in Oakland. Falcons owner Arthur Blank indicated personally to Moss that his proclivity for negative attention from the media would cause the Falcons to not pursue him.

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Vick water bottle did not contain marijuana

January 22nd, 2007 Comments off

MIAMI – Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick wasn’t carrying marijuana when stopped by security last week at Miami International Airport, ESPN reported Sunday.

Citing anonymous NFL sources, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Vick wasn’t carrying marijuana or any other illegal substance. The ESPN report also cited an anonymous Falcons source, who said the team expects to hear something formal by Monday.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wouldn’t comment on the report. He told The Associated Press the league had received no information on the issue.

Last Wednesday, Vick reluctantly surrendered a water bottle to security at the Miami airport. He was not arrested and was allowed to board an AirTran flight to Atlanta.

The bottle was found to have a compartment that contained “a small amount of dark particulate and a pungent aroma closely associated with marijuana,” the police report said.

Miami police have said it could take weeks to decide whether to file charges.


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Get Rid of Vick

January 20th, 2007 3 comments

I wrote an entry for this blog back in December, that I was saving to post until the end of the regular season. It was one that was similar to the Jeff Schultz column that was written on Thursday.

I wrote this entry following the Falcons win over the Bucs. I was saving it for the end of the year, to be fair since at the point when it was written, the Falcons playoff hopes were very much alive. And despite the poor finish, instead of posting it, I decided to just sit on it. But now with all the “piling on” that is occurring in the media and among the fan base, I figured why not join in? So here it is…

I have ceased being a Michael Vick fan. Up until now, I considered him my favorite Falcon player. The fantasy is over for me. This coming from a guy that grew up in Newport News, that saw Michael Vick play in high school, that saw him almost single-handedly will his team to a national title at Tech, that was gleeful on the verge of tears upon discovery of the news that the Falcons had swapped first round picks with the Chargers in 2001, and that all psyched about the Falcons going to the Super Bowl when the Falcons-Eagles game kicked off two years ago.

Well I’m saying it’s over. I recall in the week leading up to the Packers debacle in 2005, talking smack on a Packers’ fan site, saying things like the majority of Packers fans were still delusional if they still believed Brett Favre was “Brett Favre.” I cited a statistic that indicated since 2002, that in games that were resolved by 8 points or less in which they started and finished, Michael Vick was 13-1 while Favre was 6-12. Indicating to me that the former mojo that Favre had in close games, was now embodied in Vick. Well of course, the Falcons lost that Packer game by 8 points. And since citing that statistic, Vick is 2-3 in such games. I realize not totally convincing evidence, but enough for me to come to the conclusion that I have become exactly what I chastised those Packer fans for being: delusional.

When did I come to this conclusion? It was after the Falcons lost to the Browns. Two weeks prior, Vick had perhaps the best game of his career, but in the subsequent pair of games, had been average by the most optimistic of standards, and was shown up in his own house by none other than Charlie Frye. At that point it hit me that Vick would never be a consistently good quarterback. It hit me that he would never live up to the expectations of his lofty contract. It hit me that he was just as headache-inducing as his lesser cousin.

So you ask what am I to do? Am I going to start rooting against Vick? No. Am I going to become a Matt Schaub enthusiast? No. I’ll simply do nothing more than continue to support the Falcons with a sliver of hope that I’m wrong. In the time being, I’ll just be waiting for the Falcons organization and front office brass to get on the same page as I am and decide to go in a different direction. It’s really nothing new for me, as I was in a similar mindset over the last three years of Dan Reeves tenure in Atlanta. My hope however is that unlike Taylor Smith, Arthur Blank is smarter than I think he is, and will overlook things like jersey sales and marketing gimmicks, and simply do what is best for this football team and organization and get rid of Michael Vick.

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McKay addresses incident with Vick

January 18th, 2007 Comments off

Falcons GM and president Rich McKay held a press conference today in order to officially address the recent off-field incident that Michael Vick had in a Miami airport.

McKay stressed the disappointment the organization has in the circumstances surrounding the incident, as well as Vick’s own disappointment to the organization and notably the fans.

McKay indicated that the Falcons will deal with Vick internally, but added they are not looking to punish him separately from anything that the league hands down. The team is also prepared to let the legal side of the matter play itself out.

Vick has had little history of “off-field” incidents throughout his career as a Falcon. The biggest black eye prior to the events in Miami, was when he made an obscene gesture to fans following a home loss to the New Orleans Saints. Vick was fined $10,000 by he league, and also instructed to donate an addition $10,000 to charity.

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