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Falcons Defensive Highlight of the Year

December 31st, 2011 Comments off
Getty Images from Yahoo! Sports

Peters gives the stiff arm

Defensive highlights usually don’t get quite as much pub as the offensive ones. But Falcons defenders have made their share of big plays. And it was hard choosing which one was the best of the year.

Kroy Biermann’s pick six in Week 1 was a very impressive play, but probably doesn’t seem as great since it was in a one-sided loss. Ray Edwards fumble recovery the following week against the Eagles probably would get more points if he had taken it the distance for a score. Corey Peters did take John Abraham’s sack-strip of Blaine Gabbert vs. Jacksonville all the way to the house, but that wasn’t his most impressive play of the year.

So in the end, it has to go to Peters for his one-handed interception against the Panthers which gave the Falcons the ball back late in that game, and a few plays later they sealed the victory.

Other plays that get honorable mention:

Falcons Offensive Highlight of the Year

December 31st, 2011 Comments off
AP Photo from Houston Chronicle

Jones makes a diving grab

A lot of great plays have been made by the Falcons offense this year. Some bruising runs by the backs and some acrobatic catches on the part of the receivers.

It was very tough to pick a winner and it really came down to three acrobatic catches that really stood out in my eyes, each from a respective receiver: Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White, and Julio Jones. But in the end, I had to give the rook the love for his diving catch against the Colts.

The Gonzalez one-handed grab in the back of the endzone against the Eagles and White’s finger-tip grab vs. Detroit were the other two plays.

Here are some other plays of note for the year, including some more from the receivers:

Falcons Highlight of the Week

November 25th, 2011 Comments off
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Michael Turner

This was a tough choice, because part of me wanted to give it Ryan and Roddy for their deep connection, because it’s been so rare to see those plays made by the offense this year. But I had to give this week’s highlight to Turner for his bruising run.

Turner rumbles for 35 yards

Honorable Mentions:

Michael Turner’s 27-yard sprint

John Abraham’s sack

Roddy White’s 32-yard screen

Ryan to Roddy for 43 yards

Ryan’s 17-yard strike to Gonzo

Dunta’s interception

Falcons Highlight of the Week

November 17th, 2011 Comments off

Unfortunately, this little feature has slipped my mind the past two weeks. So we’ll bring it back again. This week’s highlight has to be Jason Snelling’s 24-yard catch and run where he broke several tackles and rumbled through practically all of the Saints defense. He would not be denied.

Snelling Rumbles

Honorable Mentions

Harry Douglas 46-yard catch & run

Ryan threads needle to Gonzo

Bryant’s game-tying FG



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Falcons Highlight of the Week

October 28th, 2011 Comments off

A lot of highlights from the Detroit Lions game, and it was hard to pick a winner. But I had to go with Matt Ryan’s 49-yard pass to Harry Douglas because it involved the drama of Ryan returning to the game after what many feared to be a horrific injury, and on his first pass back in the game hit Douglas down the middle on a critical 3rd down play to keep a drive alive.

The other pick probably would have won had it been a normal game where there was no injury involved with Ryan. That would have been Roddy’s excellent fingertip grab on Ryan’s lob throw into the back of the endzone.

Ryan to Douglas: 49 yard catch & run

Honorable Mentions

Roddy White: 18 yd TD catch

Tony Gonzalez: 30 yard catch

Michael Turner: 50 yard run

Curtis Lofton: Pressures Stafford to end the game

Corey Peters: sack

Sean Weatherspoon: sack

Falcons Highlight of the Week

October 19th, 2011 Comments off
Getty Images from Yahoo! Sports

Peters gives the stiff arm

Probably a no-brainer this week. Has to be Corey Peters’ one-handed grab for the INT to pretty much seal the win for the Falcons in the fourth quarter.

Peters does his Vince Wilfork impression

Honorable Mentions:

Harry Douglas 34-yard catch and run

Brent Grimes INT with the William Moore assist

Michael Turner’s 33-yard run

Ray Edwards shows speed off the edge for a sack

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Falcons Highlight of the Week

October 12th, 2011 Comments off

Most of the highlights of the Falcons loss to the Green Bay Packers last Sunday night come from the first half. This week’s highlight is nothing flashy, just a mundane one-yard touchdown run by Michael Turner. But it was nice to see the Falcons bully the Packers a little bit early on. Had the 47-yard throwback pass to Harry Douglas stood, that play probably would have been the highlight of the game, but alas Tyson Clabo made sure that did not happen.

Michael Turner’s 1-yard punch in

Honorable Mentions

Sean Weatherspoon chases down Rodgers for the sack

Corey Peters gets a sack and does a dance

Jones 17-yard run on an end-around

Roddy White’s wide-open touchdown catch

Falcons Highlight of the Week

October 7th, 2011 Comments off

The Seahawks game was a coming out party for Julio Jones, but this week’s highlight has to go once again to the veteran Tony Gonzalez for his spectacular one-handed catch in traffic.

Tony Gonzalez’s one-handed grab

Honorable Mentions:

Ryan’s 45-yard pass to Jones

Lofton’s INT off a tipped pass from Peterson


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Falcons Highlight of the Week

September 29th, 2011 Comments off

Despite a mediocre at best offensive effort for the Falcons in Week 3, that side of the ball still dominates the highlights of last week’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The winning highlight goes to Julio Jones, for his 49-yard grab that set up the Falcons only touchdown of the game. Falcon fans finally got a chance to see the big play potential that caused the Falcons to give up so much in this year’s and next year’s draft to get him.

Jones big catch

Honorable Mentions:

Tony Gonzalez’s TD grab

Roddy White’s 30-yard catch and run

Thomas DeCoud’s redzone interception

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Falcons Highlight of the Week

September 21st, 2011 Comments off

Unlike last week, the Falcons had many good plays against the Eagles that would merit being the highlight of the week. But it has to go to Tony Gonzalez for his one-handed grab in the back of the endzone to give the Falcons the lead headed into halftime.

Gonzalez’s acrobatic TD catch

Honorable Mentions:

Turner’s 61-yard run

Ray Edwards’ fumble recovery

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