Takeaways From Last Week – February 11

I plan on writing one of these Takeaway columns every week to be posted on Monday all year long. In a nutshell, I’m ripping off Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback. During the season, it will come easy because I can just write about reactions to the Falcons games as well as any other things noticed from Sunday’s slate of games, and of course any major non-football topics that come up. This will force me to have to probably pay more attention to the other games on Sunday than I normally do as most weeks I’m just locked into the Falcons. But I think having to watch more football is a good problem to have.

During the off-season however, there may be a bit more conflict about having writing topics. Such as this week. I figure once we get into March, I can discuss some of the noteworthy free agency signings that occurred during the previous week. And as free agency dies down towards the end of March, hopefully I can share more insights on the draft.

But this week, there aren’t many topics that I think are worth discussing. I could take more about the Super Bowl or the 2012 season as a whole, but I still haven’t quite processed all of that. I think part of that has to do with how far the Falcons went this year, that when I start to think about this past year as a whole, I get held up with thinking what did not occur for my favorite team.

So for this week’s column, I think I’ll just discuss some of the things I want to get done this off-season. I realized over the weekend, some of the things I wanted to write about I’m behind on. I usually will have posted a mock muncher by now, but I did not do a good job collecting mocks from January due to my focus on the Falcons playoff run. So I guess, I’ll probably post something this week that takes into account what mocks I can find from the first two weeks of February. That’s not a big deal since most of the mocks in January feature un-finalized draft order and are rarely accurate anyway.

I also wanted to start writing up assessments of all 31 other teams and their needs and free agency outlooks. I know that most people that read this site are only here to read insights and opinions about the Falcons, but I figure for the minority of people that are wanting it, I’m going to try and be more comprehensive with my off-season coverage. Which means not just focusing exclusively on the Falcons, but the other 31 teams in the league. Part of that is because of my belief that this off-season will mirror last year’s off-season, where the Falcons aren’t going to be that active.

With those, I do want to include some Falcon-related topics, including looking at which of the other teams’ prospective free agents could be good signings for Atlanta. But I’m behind on that. A few weeks back in my head, I was thinking I’d post 31 different team breakdowns, one each day, for the 31 days that lead up to free agency, which I believe begins on March 12. That would have meant that I needed to start this past Friday. Well that obviously wasn’t the case. But hopefully I’ll start them no later than this weekend, and if I have to stack a couple that should be fine.

I also realized that now that it is 2013, it will have been five years since the forums hosted the vote for the Falcons All-Time team. I think it’s been more than enough time to go back and re-assess. I think a number of players that were not on that initial team would be worthy now (e.g. Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White, John Abraham, Jonathan Babineaux). I think I’ll save that for May when the post-draft lull hits just to have something to fill the time during the summer on the forums.

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