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We’ve added the team needs to the site based off the assessments of several fans that are members of the FalcFans community. They are ranked and weighted based off fans feel are the teams biggest areas of need. Each position is given a numerical grade of based off these rankings. A need grade of 100 indicates that it’s a high grade with a consensus of being the team’s top need.  Explanations are given by some of the FalcFans forums members who contributed.

1. Defensive End

“Having only 28 sacks is woeful if you want to be serious about being a good team. Without a good pass rush your asking for trouble vs. NFL quarterbacks. Biermann and Sidbury are young and growing as players but a No. 1 defensive end is needed with more potential to be a sack artist and someone other teams fear. That player doesn’t exist on the Falcons today with Abe all of the sudden losing his abilty.” –thescout

Need: 93

2. Cornerback

“Grimes and Owens both showed potential to be solid starters, but both are far from sure things and there is little depth after them. Probable third round pick, doesn’t look like there is anyone gonna be worth taking where we are.” –DaveWaz

Need: 92

3. Outside Linebacker

“We need an upgrade at outside linebacker. Peterson faded and Nicholas was just okay. We could potentially use two better faces at outside linebacker.” –jagstang76

Need: 88

4. Wide Receiver

“I’ve seen enough of Jenkins. Really, really wanted to see what Douglas could’ve done this year. Ryan made a living at Boston College by throwing over and around the middle to slot-type guys. I want to see our offense use the slot receiver to max out the passing game. Jenkins simply doesn’t take enough heat off of Roddy, and Gonzo’s not getting any younger.” – widetrak21

Need: 73

5. Running back

“Turner’s injury revealed how shallow we are at running back. We depend heavily on a solid running game to open up the passing game and keep the defense off the field.” –jagstang76

Need: 72

6. Offensive Tackle

“Protecting our young quarterback needs to be a priority. Clabo is a free agent and hopefully ends up a restricted free agent. Baker has had serious injury concerns for 3 years straight… Possible first round pick.” — DaveWaz

Need: 71

7. Offensive Guard

“Blalock and Dahl are capable, but neither is a top player, so they could definitely find someone better. Depth is the more important factor here, and particularly someone that could push one or both players.” –Pudge

Need: 57

8. Defensive Tackle

“Our one starter is gonna get suspended and the other is coming off a major knee injury. Johnson is solid against the run but can’t pass rush at all. I think this could be a sleeper 1st or 3rd round pick if the right player falls to us.” — DaveWaz

Need: 47

9. Center

“McClure is a steady, average center that against bigger players usually loses the battle at the line. The guy can’t play forever and a youngster is needed to groom.” –thescout

Need: 45

10. Tight End

“Gonzales is good but aging, and doesn’t have speed down the seam. A guy to help out in case he goes down and to punish defenses for creeping in would be very helpful.” –takeitdown

Need: 24

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