Well, after the first official broadcast of the new Monday Night, I have to say, in truth, I thought the trio of some guy (I could look up who the play-by-play guy was but I’m too lazy), Vermeil, and Jaws was in fact better than the real crew of Tirico, Theismann, and Kornheiser.

I was at first tentative about Kornheiser being in the booth. I enjoy PTI immensely, but his greatness on that show does not translate easily to MNF booth. But I have to say after the few preseason outings and this regular season one, I am pleasantly surprised. Now, Kornheiser isn’t great by any means, but his journalistic background is refreshing to hear on the broadcasts than Theismann’s mundane brown-nosing. And thank goodness Paul Maguire is gone, who perhaps was the dumbest human being alive. Tirico, I can live with, although he seems to be trying too hard if you ask me.

Theismann was only acceptable in my opinion because he shared a booth with Maguire and Mike Patrick on Sunday Night football in past years. Now, he must go.

I’m not a huge fan of Jaws, because unless someone is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, IMO he’s way to critical of the QBs. Yes, Jaws we know you’ve “spent hours in the video room” breaking this guy down, but most fans really don’t care about who is the best QB in terms of decision making and mechanics, as long as the Ws keep stacking up.

So if it were me, and I was ESPN, I’d at the very least trade in Theismann for Vermeil. I get the impression that Kornheiser and Theismann don’t exactly get along. Kornheiser is one to swallow Joey’s BS like Maguire and Patrick did so easily. I’m positive both WILL NOT be back next year. I think Kornheiser and Vermeil would work great together. Vermeil IMO is the ideal guy in the booth. They should have a color commentator who can in fact relate to the modern game and players. Vermeil’s expertise became apparent to me as he knew both the Raiders & Chargers players very well due to his several years of experience game-planning against them. He would know several other team’s players very well too because of his experience as a coach. Instead with Theismann you get him just saying the same old crap we’ve heard over and over from all the other talking heads.

So as one MNF fan says to ESPN, dump Joey and get Dick. Who the play-by-play guy is relatively irrelevant since they are all practically the same. Dick & Tony would be a great pair in the booth.

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