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Not much has been going on on the FalcBlog this off-season. But we’re getting closer to that boring point in the summer, and I’m hoping to write a lot more from this point on.

Well, it is that time of year again. It’s draft time, and as has been case for the past few years, I’m posting the top players in the draft. Just published the site’s draft guide tonight (you should check it out) and I’ll just take it directly from that. This will only be the Top 25 players, but if you peruse the draft guide, you’ll find over 200 players ranked on the Falcons board.

This isn’t the 25 best players in the draft as you’ll notice because Mark Sanchez and Matt Stafford do not appear. But these are the Top 25 players as far as the Falcons are concerned…

1. LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest
2. DT B.J. Raji, Boston College
3. DE Everette Brown, Florida State
4. DE Brian Orakpo, Texas
5. S William Moore, Missouri
6. DE Larry English, Northern Illinois
7. S Louis Delmas, Western Michigan
8. LB Brian Cushing, USC
9. CB Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State
10. CB Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest
11. OT Jason Smith, Baylor
12. WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
13. RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
14. OT Michael Oher, Mississippi
15. TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State
16. RB Beanie Wells, Ohio State
17. OC Alex Mack, California
18. OT Andre Smith, Alabama
19. CB D.J. Moore, Vanderbilt
20. DT Evander Hood, Missouri
21. LB Rey Maualuga, USC
22. DT Peria Jerry, Mississippi
23. S Patrick Chung, Oregon
24. WR Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina
25. S Rashad Johnson, Alabama

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