The Coaching Search

If Arthur Blank and Rich McKay called me up and asked my advice about what to do with the coaching situation this would be it:

Give Mora another chance. I think the subpar performance of this team the past two years has been weighed down by the poor quality of assistants (particularly both coordinators) as opposed to Mora’s methods.

But at the same time, I would tell them that firing Mora is not a bad decision, just arguably not the most prudent one. And if they did decide to fire him, this off-season may be an opportune time to do so. Most conclude there may be as little as one available head coaching job this January (Arizona Cardinals), and if that’s the case then it means whomever is in the coaching search will have a lot of candidates to choose from but very little rivals to compete with. So it means there should be less leveraging of candidates using one team against the other, and a greater likelihood that any team searching for a coach will be able to get its first choice.

But thirdly, I would have to say firing Mora could make viable candidates less willing to take the Falcon job. Considering Mora’s body of work is probably better than any coach that was fired after 3 years, the point could be made that ownership is not very loyal when it comes to its coaches. If the Falcons have a new coach in 2007, it will mean the third coach in the five years that Blank has been owner.

And whether or not Michael Vick is a coach killer, it doesn’t matter what we the fans believe or the talking heads on TV think, but whether or not the potential successors to Mora think so, which could play a factor in how many people are really interested in the job.

Basically saying Blank and McKay don’t have an easy decision to make after this season. Hopefully, Mora will find a way to postpone their need to come to a decision until late January at the earliest, but we shall see…

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  1. Knapp and Gibbs have to go. We need an OL that can pass protect and a coach that can adjust to what the other team is doing. Our 4th Qtr production this year is something to be ashamed of.

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