The Falcons awarded 3rd round compensatory pick

The Falcons were awarded a compensatory third round draft pick by the NFL. The Falcons were one of four teams to receive a third round pick and will pick 35th in Round Three, or the 98th overall pick in the draft.

Annually, the league awards 32 compensatory draft selections to teams that lose free agents in the previous year’s off-season. Only certain free agents are considered, and it’s not a requirement that there is a net loss. The formula for determining it is a closely guarded secret, although there have been some attempts by outsiders to crack it. The Falcons were compensating due to the losses of Patrick Kerney, Justin Griffinth, and Ashley Lelie last off-season.

The Falcons now hold eleven total draft picks, including six in the Top 103 selections. Compensatory picks are not eligible to be traded.

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