The Last Days of the McKay Era?…

Despite his denials, I have the feeling that Rich McKay’s name is going to be mentioned a lot more when it comes to whomever manages to succeed Paul Tagliabue as the NFL commissioner.

Most insight indicates that some dude named Roger Goodell who works in the league office is the frontrunner. But I think McKay is not far behind as the top runner-up. And because there is no timetable for this thing, I believe there is a good chance that McKay may depart the Falcons sometime to take over the position.

I’m not too worried about it right now, because McKay isn’t going to be hired before this upcoming draft. But it is somewhat interesting that McKay doesn’t seem to mind parting ways with draft picks, as if building for the next few years is not that big an issue. This off-season seems to indicate the Falcons are preparing for a Super Bowl run within the next year or two. I believe the Falcons best window exists in that time, and McKay seems to agree.

We’ve already parted ways with two pivotal draft picks, and I’ve heard the Falcons are interested in Eric Moulds, which might me we see another one get shipped away. Not exactly building for the future, when the core of your draft is going to be fifth, sixth, and seventh round picks, which are usually players that aren’t on your roster by their second and third years.

So I’m saying I wouldn’t at all be surprised if McKay is not the Falcons GM come April 2007. And I say, good for Mr. McKay. The only thing that worries me is, who do the Falcons turn to in his absence? Is the new dude, Bill Devaney, right now the front runner to succeed McKay? It would seem so.

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