The Lelie Trade: 1 Week Later…

I’m still not positive about this trade. I don’t think you trade a backup RB on a team that likes to run the ball as much as the Falcons do for a WR that is going to at best be your 4th option in your passing game.

I think the 80-120 carries that Duckett would get this year are more important than the 25-35 passes Lelie is likely to catch this year.

But I will say that this trade does look good on paper. Lelie gives the Falcons speed and a proven deep threat, something neither Jenkins or White has been able to show except for on 1 or 2 plays last season.

But I still question Vick’s ability to properly use Lelie. Vick has the arm strength to definitely utilize the deep ball like Chandler and Jeff George did in Falcon years past, but he doesn’t have the touch of either of those players. Chandler’s bombs to Terance Mathis in ’98 and George’s to Bert Emanuel circa 1995 were really things of beauty. Can Vick do the same with Lelie? That remains to be seen.

I guess I can force myself to put on a little bit more of an optimistic front, but deep down I don’t see this team as having the personnel (namely Vick), coaching staff (namely Knapp) that is going to be able to use Lelie to his fullest.

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