The Search Begins…

The Falcons announced yesterday that head coach Jim Mora would not be retained. The team’s 15-16 record since their appearance in the NFC Championship Game in January 2005 is the main reason for Mora’s dismissal. But consecutive 2-6 finishes in the second half of the past two years, and comments made about interest in other coaching positions on the radio definitely weighed poorly in Mora’s favor. But now the Falcons must begin a new era, as Arthur Blank looks to hire the third coach of his short five-year term as Atlanta Falcons owner.

There is no official list of candidates, although many have concluded that the Falcons will lean towards an offensive-minded coach due to the team’s struggles in the passing game the past few years. Michael Vick’s presence on the team also plays a factor into the team’s search as Falcons GM Rich McKay indicated, although it won’t be a final judging factor. Hiring a coach that can get the most out of Vick’s abilities will be a significant factor however.

Blank indicated there is no set timetable to hire a coach, although Mora himself was hired in less than two weeks after the Falcons concluded their 2003 season. If a similar process occurs again, it probably favors a coach that is currently under the employment of a college program or on a non-playoff team in the NFL.

Also the fate of the remainder of the Falcons coaching staff is unknown. McKay indicated their fate will be at the full discrepancy of the new head coach.

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