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Okay, the trade deadline has passed without much fanfare. The Colts picked up Booger McFarland and the Bills got Tony Hargrove. Not really feeling anything about the McFarland trade. He could have a big impact in Indy, but that’s only if this trade serves as a wake-up call. This guy has been far from an impact player over the past few years. I don’t think it’s going to solve the Colts problems in stopping the run. Instead of getting an underachieving defensive tackle, perhaps they should stop starting ex-ends at tackle. Reagor and Brock aren’t run stoppers, never were.

Hargrove’s sole point of interest in my mind is that he was taken after Matt Schaub a few years ago. Reportedly, Martz really wanted Schaub with that pick, but wound up settling for Hargrove. Yep, that worked out well for them.

Why am I discussing other team’s trades? Because if you keep reading it will eventually relate to the Falcons!

I’ve read some discussion about moving the deadline back a few weeks, rather than coming the Tuesday after Week 6, perhaps Week 8 or 10. With that potential development, would the Falcons have been more interested then? I doubt it. Mid-season trades are basically there for teams that have suffered a major injury that they need a quick fix, or for a team trying to dump a disgruntled or underachieving player. The only guys that come close to fitting that bill are Roddy White and Matt Lehr, the only starters that are susceptible to losing their starting jobs before the end of the season.

So if the trading deadline was later, perhaps you could see the Falcons trade someone like Lehr, but only if someone like Clabo or King comes in and plays really well during his absence. But then, who is going to make a trade for a guy that is in the midst or just coming off a possible steroid-related suspension? Especially one that is probably a backup on any team that does not have a Gibbs-based zone blocking scheme.

Personally, I really don’t care if the trade deadline was moved back or whatever. I think few midseason trades are ever really going to have a huge impact. I figure with the time needed to integrate guys into schemes and systems, typically you won’t be able to get more than 6-8 weeks of production from somebody. It’s not like superstars are being moved either. I would liken McFarland and Hargrove to players like Ed Jasper (his good years) and Chauncey Davis, respectively. Would any team acquiring either player really expect them to do much more than improve their rotation? It’s not like it’s Rod Coleman or Kerney. Sure, you say Deion Branch was traded earlier this year. Yeah, that was a good move, but is probably the exception rather than the norm. More than likely the Koren Robinsons and Doug Gabriels are going to get traded. Good players, but nobody expects 1000-yard seasons from them.

So in summary, when the trade deadline is really doesn’t matter for the majority of teams. Perhaps one team will be able to make a big move, but from the case of Branch, it doesn’t seem like the “earliness” of the deadline negatively affected it.

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