Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

Now that the draft is over, it becomes a flurry of signings as undrafted free agents quickly try to land homes in the NFL. We’ll be monitoring which players land with the Falcons.

TE Leroy Banks, Southern Miss
QB Tim Buckley, Alcorn State
S Rafael Bush, South Carolina State
S Gabe Derricks, San Diego
LS Justin Drescher, Colorado
LB Weston Johnson, Wyoming
RB Dimitri Nance, Arizona State
TE Michael Palmer, Clemson
TE Colin Peek, Alabama
WR Ryan Wolfe, UNLV
LB Bear Woods, Troy

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  1. CB/S, Gabriel Derricks, University of San Diego. He got picked up by the Falcons. Went to high school with him. Heard it through a good friend that is his teammate at San Diego.

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