Vick case could move to grand jury in July

Steve Wyche of the AJC reports that Surry County Commonwealth Attorney Gerald Poindexter has indicated that enough evidence has come forward to progress the case to the extent that a specially called grand jury could take place at some point this summer, possibly as early as July.

Poindexter is in charge of the investigation of allegations of Vick’s involvement in dogfighting at a former property of his in Virginia. According to the AJC, two people have come forward potentially offering their testimony. Currently, Poindexter and investigators are looking into the backgrounds of both persons.

A search warrant was issued last week around the notion of searching Vick’s former property for the remains of several dead dogs and also instruments including weapons, ropes, and shovels that could have brought about the demise of those dogs. However, due to language in the search warrant, it has not yet been executed.

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