Vick in legal hot water

An Associated Press report indicates that a drug probe led authorities to properties owned by Falcons quarterback Michael Vick in Smithfield, Virginia.

Vick owns the property, but does not live there. His cousin, Davon Boddie, is the house’s resident and was the subject of the drug-related investigation. Boddie was arrested last week outside a nightclub in Hampton, Virginia on charges of marijuana possession and distribution. This led authorities to further investigations at the home in Smithfield.

While on the property, they found 70 dogs, mostly pitbulls, and some of them appeared malnourished, scarred, and injured, leading animal control specialists and authorities to believe they were involved with illegal dog-fighting. Roughly half the dogs were found chained to buried car axles, and also equipment used to train fighting dogs including treadmills, chains, whips, and drugs were found on the premises.

The Human Society issued a statement in which they indicated hearing previous reports of Vick’s involvement in dog fighting.

In other legal matters, Vick also faces trespassing charges in the city of Suffolk, Virginia. There, Vick was charged with trespassing while fishing in a local lake in February. A hearing will not occur if Vick pays a $500 fine, and as of Wednesday, that fine is unpaid.

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