Vick may be suspended

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that Vick is expected to be suspended by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for violating the league’s new player conduct policy due to his federal indictment.

Cole reports that Vick’s suspension will likely be as a result of lying to the commissioner in April when the two met face-to-face during the first day of the NFL Draft, only days after the allegations of dogfighting first broke. Vick denied having any involvement and knowledge about the issue to Goodell.

The NFL released a statement yesterday when news broke of the indictment:

We are disappointed that Michael Vick has put himself in a position where a federal grand jury has returned an indictment against him. We will continue to closely monitor developments in this case, and to cooperate with law enforcement authorities. The activities alleged are cruel, degrading and illegal. Michael Vick’s guilt has not yet been proven, and we believe that all concerned should allow the legal process to determine the facts. The matter will be reviewed under the League’s Personal Conduct Policy.

The league’s statement implies that the commissioner will give Vick due process before meting out any punishment. Various sources have also reported that the goal of the new stricter player conduct policy is to deal with repeat offenders. All players that have suspended up to now, including Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson, Jared Allen, among others have had more than one offense. Despite some precarious incidents, Vick has had no previous formal legal issues to qualify him as a repeat offender.

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