Vick should step up or step out

The simple truth is Michael Vick is not living up to his contract. Is it unfair that he is the highest paid player in NFL history? Perhaps, but that doesn’t matter. Fairness has no place in football or business. The simple fact is that you as a player and/or agent negotiated that contract, and you’re now obligated to live up to it, or the simple reality of the NFL will catch up to you. And that reality is that you will be unemployed.

I’ve heard Falcon fans complain about the big contracts that John Abraham and Ed Hartwell have signed and not “lived up to” but have stayed mum about Vick’s contract. Seems very hypocritical to me.

Just because Vick is our best player, doesn’t mean that he should be held to dramatically different standards than any other underachieving player. And that’s the truth, he’s underachieving. Vick’s massive contract severely limits the Falcons abilities to sign other top players in order to improve the team. So then the onus is upon Vick to do whatever it takes to make up for it.

I don’t doubt Vick’s potential, but let’s start getting a little bit more substance versus promise. I need to see this over these last six games. Or else I’m going to quickly join the minority throng of Falcon fans that want to see Vick gone.

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4 Comments on "Vick should step up or step out"

  1. Tell me what Vick did yesterday to single handedly lose yesterday’s game.

  2. I don’t think the problem is Vick. The fact is that our WR’s have been dropping passes left and right and the o-line has never been one that was proficient at pass blocking. I think fixing the o-line would probably do wonders in both problem areas.

  3. To answer the first comment, nothing. But if you can honestly tell me that he’s living up to his contract, then I’ll pipe down.

    And as to your comments, Cappy, I don’t disagree with you in principle. But even by your latest count, you only attribute 7 of our 22 sacks this year to the OL, but nearly double to Vick himself. Obviously, they aren’t the gist of the problem when taken from that POV.

  4. You have to look at more than the sacks. All of Vick’s sacks that I’ve counted are pretty much him trying to make something out of nothing. I’d still venture to say that he has less time than most QB’s in the pocket and is forced to run or try to do too much (scramble around and get sacked instead of throwing it away) more than most QB’s in the league.

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