Vick suspended indefinitely

The NFL has levied an indefinite suspension against Michael Vick within hours of the summary of facts being released in his guilty plea on Friday. Vick will officially enter this plea agreement on Monday.

In the summary of facts, Vick admits guilt to most of the facts listed in the initial indictment. Including bankrolling the property in Smithfield and also the purses won or lost at ensuing dogfights, although it does indicate that the purses won off the fights were split mainly between his other co-defendants. It also admits that Vick was involved in the deaths of six to eight dogs this past April, in which he and two others dispatched these dogs by various means.

According to an AJC report the Falcons will begin to attempt to recoup bonus money remaining on Vick’s $130 million contract he signed in 2004. Previous reports suggest the amount of money the Falcons could receive is up to $28 million.

Vick’s suspension will be reviewed upon the completion of legal proceedings. As a result of his guilty plea to federal charges, it is now expected that Vick will be indicted next month on state charges in Virginia.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has provided a copy of Vick’s plea agreement in PDF format.

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