Week 4 Game Preview


Advantage: Texans (slightly)

Despite the progress we made last week, I do think our offense will come a bit back down to Earth this week. Although Peppers and Jenkins are an excellent duo, they aren’t currently on a hot streak like Mario Williams and Amobi Okoye. The pass rush concerns me, as I’m still not sold if these team can stop the blitz. The fact that the Texans D was relatively stingy against the Colts last week doesn’t bode well for us.


Advantage: Falcons

This is a matchup we really need to take advantage of. Ahman Green is questionable, and the Texans top 2 receivers: Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones won’t play, as well as their ace return threat Jerome Mathis also being sidelined. Our run defense was terrible last week, but hopefully they rebound and shut down Dayne and Gado this week. It will be tough since Babs is out as well as Coleman now. Although the Texans no longer have a big play receiver, Schaub showed that he can get production out of Andre’ Davis and Owen Daniels. And with D-Hall possibly being benched for a quarter or two, our secondary will be pressured. We have to put pressure on Schaub. Giving him time, he WILL pick apart this defense. Abraham needs a big day, and this will be a great week for Jamaal Anderson to do something useful. The only reason I give us the edge is because the Texans are so beat up.


Our defense needs to come through this week and make some plays. Get some sacks, create some turnovers, and for Pete’s sake stop the run. Offensively, if we finish some drives, then I think we have this game won. I know Schaub and Okoye will have something to prove this game. Schaub for being traded, and Okoye for being snubbed in the draft by his old coach. But considering we’re an 0-3 team, we should have 53 guys that are hungry for a win instead of just 2.


Falcons 19, Texans 17

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