Rules and regulations for the basketball game which should you know

As we all know, basketball has its massive fan base as it is a sport which played around the world. It is sports played between many countries such as Britain, Russia, Spain, and Germany. Many types of tournaments are held for these sports; one of the most popular is the National Basketball Association, also known as NBA. While playing basketball, many rules depend upon the play’s level because it can be played on many levels, such as professional, international, and college levels. In addition, if you know this game well, you’d do really well and bank a huge amount money simply by playing sports betting games at Absolute Ufabet.

Here are the rules

So you must learn some basic rules of the game that help you understand the game while playing or watching. So here we are discussing some of the rules which you should know before understanding the game.

  • Player positions in the game

There are 12 players in each team, but only five players are allowed on the court. There are many positions of the game allowed in the court that are defensive forward, offensive forward, point guard, defensive guard, where each player has to take their positions in the court. The court is measured as 91 feet long and 50 feet wide, and rectangular. At the end of the courts, there are two courts fixed at 10 feet in height. In the center of the court, a circle is marked from where the game has to start.

  • Duration of game

The basketball game is comprised of 4 twelve minutes quarters with 15 minute half time interval. Each team has only 24 seconds to shoot the ball at the basket; if it is gone to the basket, it is considered a goal. If it is prevented from going to the basket, then again 24 seconds restarted for another shot.

  • Scoring in-game

There are many types of scoring in the match; it depends upon scoring from outside or inside the arc. If any basket scored from the outside arc, it would result in three points to the team; if any basket is scored from inside the arc, it will result in two-point to the team. There is also a point on free throws, the player who do successful free throw will get 1 point for his team.

  • Fouls in the game

The players do many fouls between the game, which results in a free throw to opposing team players. Some of the players’ misbehave violation like moving with the ball, goaltending, double dribbling in the game, which cause plenty for the player, and the player can also be disqualified from the game.

  • Winning in the game

As I have discussed above, players have to make points by putting the ball in the basket in the game. Which team has more number of points will win the match. If there are the same number of points scored after the game, then an extra quarter will be played to announce the winner.


These are some rules of basketball sport that you should know and help you understand the game. And nowadays, health protocols must be followed and wearing masks like the ones from is pretty much mandated.

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