Sports Rules

Enhance Your Game With The Volleyball Jump Training

group of teens playing volleyball girl sitting on umpire's chair

Volleyball requires a lot of strength and stamina as every player has to jump many ties during the match. According to statistics, a volleyball player jump approx. 80-100 times per match. Statistics also say volleyball player has to jump 5-6 times to earn a point for their team. So jump plays a vital role in a volleyball match, so if ...

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Purpose of Select Teams

The purpose of a Metro, Gold or Silver team (U13-U18), Select Team (U11-U12), Development Team (U10), and Prospect Team (U8-U9) (all referred to as Select teams) is to provide a team environment for players to develop to a higher level, while competing with players of similar abilities. Earn money while enjoying the sport. Play simple and interactive betting games at ...

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What are the rules for football sport which you should know?

Football sport is becoming popular among all sports. It is one of the oldest sports in the world, and it is also known as soccer. Now many people are taking interest while watching it and become one of the most recognized sport. This sport is played between international teams; there are many tournaments such as the euro championship, football world ...

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What are the rules and regulations for kabaddi sports?

Kabaddi is one of India’s most famous ancient sports, which influences millions of people across the country. It is famous in India in many states such as Punjab, Bihar, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. Not only in India, but it also played in many countries such as Iran, and it is the national game of Bangladesh. Kabaddi also taught in the ...

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Coventry City v Newcastle United Live

Coventry City share the field with Newcastle United on Tuesday night at Ricoh Arena. The clash will be heated and with typical Carling Cup anticipation, it will be a close battle between the two powers. This seasons see Coventry with a dazzling start, in contrast to Newcastle United, as they enjoy wins at home to Norwich City and away to ...

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