Wisla Krakow v Barcelona Live

Spanish giants, Barcelona compete this Tuesday, in the qualifying rounds of the Champions League against an eagerly awaiting Wisla Krakow.

Barcelona enter this fixture with great momentum, having defeated Wisla Krakow in their first encounter in the third round. In context, they finished the last La Liga in fourth place, and the 2006 league champions now face the uphill climb to qualify. More than anything, they will be striving to prove that they can better the efforts of last round. With sheer determination a key driving force in their team, Barcelona look set to bring a tough game to Wisla Krakow, whom are away side this tuesday.

Their last match was testament to their abilities, with a 4-0 win encouraging the team as it pushes its way through the qualifying rounds. Perhaps because of Guardiola, the team now presents a formidable lineup and with improved coordination on and off the field, Barcelona is looking well prepared.

The Catalans have a strong attack base this time round, and whilst Ronaldinho, and Zambrotta are not there to bolster the inner core, Dani Alves and Alexander Helb will be stepping up to the challenge and striving for a dominating victory.

Wisla Krakow enter this clash on a cautiously optimistic footing, knowing full well the damage that can be done when squaring off against such an aggressive opponent, as seen at Camp Nou. Having given in to the magic of Barcelona last encounter, even after being warned by Scorza, Wisla will need to rid themselves of the inhibiting ‘needless’ respect for their field rivals. There is great reward for those brave enough to take some risk on the field. To their credit, they have had fine domestic form throughout the year.

Wisla have a fairly good record with Barcelona, with the teams not clearly dominating one another at any given point. However, it is vital for Wisla to come out on top of this match, if they intend to gain some confidence as they progress in the league. Look to Brozio for some much needed example of how Wisla should behave on the field. Losses by the team have been due to critical errors in the penalty area, which have all lead to threatening gameplay against their backlines. With only one goal attempt in their previous meeting, Wisla will need to work some magic of their own, come tuesday.

SoccerAdvise.com Free Soccer Pick Decision game for Barcelona -They have skillfully demonstrated that they can slice up the Wisla defences through perpendicular passes, and Eto’o doesnt look like he will be taking a fiesta anytime soon. Wisla are having trouble coping with any team that shoots from beyond the 20 metre mark. The White Star will need to shine incredibly bright this time around, if they intend to attract some good fortune on the field. But if their previous performance is anything to go by, WIsla suffer from a severe lack of defense against a highly aggressive and motivated opponent.

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