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Indian Premier League is considered as the best T20 league for cricket game available in various parts of the world right now. It is one specific tournament which is organized by the most importent board like BCCI, who organized the same tournament every year in April, However, in the year 2020, because of coronavirus’s problem in the same tournament happened later in the year of October.

The tournament is going on pretty much well in Saudi Arabia, which is part of the United Arab Emirates. Previously BCCI also organized the Asia Cup in the same region of the United Arab Emirates successfully. That is why they decided to launch the IPL tournament in the same region because of the security and the health conditions available right now in the various parts of the Indian region.

Mumbai Indians are topping the tables.

    • Currently, the Mumbai Indians are topping the tables of the IPL tournament with their excellent performance with bat and ball. They are the only team who managed to win the same cup plenty of times with the captaincy of Rohit Sharma.
    • Rohit Sharma and his teammates were doing remarkably well in the present version of the IPL tournament. They will also reach the final on time and considered the best available team to win the same tournament.

Poor performance by the Kolkata knight riders in the 2020 ipl

    • Unfortunately, the experienced team like Kolkata Knight Riders are not doing well; especially even they have great players in the team like Dinesh Karthik human Gill Eoin morgan, and so on. Because of the poor performance, the bat and ball team was unable to reach the finals of the IPL Cricket tournament’s present format.

Rajasthan royals struggling in the present ipl tournament

    • Steven Smith, who is leading an outstanding team like Rajasthan Royals nowadays, is struggling to reach the finals of the IPL. The in and outperformance of the Rajasthan Royal cricket team players makes so many hindrances on the way to the finals of the same famous cricket tournament.
    • Fortunately, right now, they still have an excellent chance to reach the finals if they win their rest of the matches available in the tournament. Steven Smith and his team need to perform remarkably well to reach the tournament’s finals and become the winner to get a decent amount of money and fame.

Death of the autralian legend cricketer dean jones

    • Unfortunately, the Legend cricketer of the Australian country passes away in the same tournament happenings. He is part of the present commentary team of the IPL tournament for Star Sports.
    • But suddenly, he faces some problems regarding their health and passes away in the early days of the tournament, which shocked almost every cricketer and cricket fan who loves to watch the IPL tournament every year.

These are the few essential news available for the Cricket tournament like IPL, which helps you get some unique information to know different teams’ present condition.

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