Upcoming Boxing day match at Melbourne cricket ground discussed!

Border Gavaskar trophy, which is the famous name for the test series every time it happened in the middle of the Australia and Indian cricket team, will happen in Melbourne this year in the Australian continent. After the particular tournament of IPL, the Indian team players would reach the Australian to take part in the test series against the Australian Cricket team and to claim the trophy.

The Indian cricket team is considered the best test cricket team in the world and has pretty much confidence to defeat the Australian Cricket team in their region. The more I would like to explain some extraordinary things about the cricket match going to happen in the Melbourne Cricket ground, which is also very well known with boxing day matches.


Melbourne Cricket sound, which is also very well known with MCG’s name, will witness some great batting styles and bowling from the various players from the Indian and the Australian subcontinents. The match will happen in the later November of 2020 year, and you will love to watch KL Rahul, Virat Kohli Mitchell stars Aaron finch, and so on players in the same test cricket match over your LED screen.

No crowd

Unfortunately, because of coronavirus disease, there will be no crowd available in the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and players need to play the game alone without any encouragement from the fans, However many famous players urging the same region’s governments to allow cricket fans on the grounds to provide a significant amount of entertainment.

They ask about the cricket ground’s 50% strength during the cricket match between India and Australia, which is the best test cricket scenario for every cricket lover.

T20 tournament canceled

In November 2020, ICC cancels the T20 tournament, which is also going to take part in the same time in the same part of the world. If the world has still not had a proper vaccination for the coronavirus disease, and International Cricket Council cancel this political tournament and allows BCCI and Australian Cricket board to you played a match in the same part of the time.

Available over Sony six channel

The broadcast of the boxing day match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground will be available over the Sony Six Channel. You need to subscribe to this channel as soon as possible to watch a glimpse of the beautiful test cricket over your TV screens.

However, you can also watch the same telecast over your mobile phones with the Sony live application’s help, which you need to download from the Google Play Store or iOS Play Store If you are using an Apple iPhone. Although to get specific information about the time tables of the various matches between Australia and the Indian team, you need to visit the YouTube channels.

All the updated news about the cricket World is shared above, and it will help you watch the same sort of live-action of cricket matches without any much searching.

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